I've noticed recently that threads on this forum have been predominantly negative.
This somewhat saddens me.
That is why I've decided to create this thread which will (hopefully) shine a ray of sunshine on the forum :D .
The question is simple-
What do you love about Elite: Dangerous?

A few rules before we begin though-
1. Absolutely NO negativity (not even a smidge)! :eek:
2. You may talk about anything you like that does not conflict with the first rule. :cool:
3. Have FUN. ;)

I'll start- I LOVE the sheer scale of Elite: Dangerous! It STILL takes my breath away when I zoom out on the galactic map! Also, Imperial ships rock :cool: !
I love everything about this game.

edit- There are things that I feel need to be fixed and tweaked, but that might be seen as negative and against the rules of the thread :p
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There is so much I love about this game, the scale, the beauty, the freedom, the combat!!! But the thing I admire the most is the dedication and love that all the developers have towards the game!

Is the game perfect, no, but I believe the developers will work and improve every aspect of the game until it is a classic!
i love that simply the game is made the way i would want it to be made,i dont like that you perma loose your character in star citizen so in elite its great to just respawn with "same" character
i love that the game doesnt push you too much into using specific ships or modules,of course in open play you basically want to have the same loadout but in solo its great and i can do whatever i want with guns and ship upgrades
i love the sounds and looks of ships
The best thing is the game is building up to be complete-with updates we got a very cool planetary landing system,hopefully in due time we will get the earth like think atmosphere planetary landings for full immersion
The ships will only get better with detailed interior-when we will be able to walk around of course,so in a way it will add more value or interest i would say to each ship,even if its a hauler or a sidewinder-its still cool
We will soon get the engineer update so more fun to be had in crafting and seeing what types of goodies we can equip our ships with
And this game has probably the smartest/wisest grown up community i have ever seen in a game
I also forgot to say that i like that you cannot buy your way in a game with actual money so when you get to the nice ships you do feel a sense of accomplishment
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I love many aspects of the game like going to land on a planet. I also love how each ship seams to have it's own personality on how it behaves while in flight. You really feel it when your piloting a large ship or booting around in a little diamond back.


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The sound.

The tunnel of fear popping you out onto a star racing towards you at relativistic speeds.

Sweaty palms trying to dock without getting scanned.

Sitting watching the universe go by...
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