A question: Are you a lone flyer or do you move with friends?


Both really, but lately it's been almost all with friends. Elite in my opinion is a better game when played socially, but it's fine on it's own too.
Generally, I'm a lone flyer.
But I'm almost always in open because I like the random encounters.
I don't wing up much, but it happens every now and then.
Being in open though, it is quite important to actually know the people on your friendlist. Or at least, know why you put em there. So I mostly do.

So I like to fly alone most of the time, but I enjoy meeting people.
Especially since the galaxy doesn't really feel that alive. But I guess that just comes with Elite's greatest asset: a Galaxy in true scale. Rough with the smooth and all that.
I like being social but ED itself doesn't lend itself to that for the most part, I'm also very comfortable being alone in ED so I'm happy either way.

I deffo don't like being told what to do which is one reason why I avoid big groups in any game I play online etc
I'm not a solo player, but I fly alone... Because. Don't know, may be I just get to use - never wanted to join the squadron, though sometimes opening the can watching the few kilo l.s. countdown to my destination, I feel ok to type a few words to somebody. But there's nobody in the void, only the "Lave Radio, transmitting to every corner of the galaxy"
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Always alone. The vastness of space deserves solitude. I hopefully listen to Galnet articles in the event the Thargoids have blown the rest of you up.
Normally, I fly alone in open. Did one community goal combat and did a wing with 2 others but as I use voice attack, my commands kept being sent to the wing. Both of the wing mates were more experienced with combat and enjoyed hearing me die over and over. But they were a bit annoyed with the constant commands.
Have not joined another wing since.
Solo game mode and play style. After near 20 years of playing games online I tend to only play with the wife.

I have made some good friends over the years tho. Even met the wife via an mmo. Now I just like to do my own thing.
Both are fun. I usually fly alone simply due to location/tasks/timezones not aligning but I do it in open and frequently natter with people in passing and on my friends list.

The most wing fun I've had is thargoid CZ's where you really need to help each other out.
I do a lot alone, by nature of the game - which is party annoying. I'd love to do more together with the right people.
For example I like to do missions with friends, but because they not always are wing missions, I can't actively help with assassination missions for example without getting notoriety.
But generally I'm quite social in game and that caused more then one loop of shame because I just had to finish the chat.
It's mostly confined to ingame chat though, because I'm not a big fan of discord etc...
But generally having a cool group to do stuff is way better then solo imho.
I do my own thing, but sometimes will log into the squadron discord voice channel as I do so.

Others are always welcome to join me as I do my own thing. ;)

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Generally doing my own thing - however, when involved in a group endeavour, co-ordinate via Discord and make progress. The beauty of this game is that a common goal can be achieved by players who are never actually instanced together - and, with the addition of pan-modal system chat, don't even need to play in a multi-player mode to "feel" that there are other players around.
Exactly. I don't want to mess with outside communication programs. In other MMOs I met players and made friends through in game communication channels. Despite the addition of squadrons, E: D seems designed to keep us isolated. I've gotten to know some players through an Elite Facebook group but that hasn't carried over into the game. The one thing I truly miss from my wasted years of playing Eve Online is the multitude of in game communication channels.
Elite is a deeper universe than most games, so I don't mind having to use extra tools to navigate it. I use EDDI, discord, and keep Inara up on my phone/tablet. In the technological age of ED, it makes sense to have the... Omninet at ones fingertips. Actually adds to the immersion for me.
I'm a lone flyer.

Though I don't mind bumping into the odd cmdr every now & then and I've got a choice of PG's to load the game into, I very rarely wing up & have never done multi-crew or met up with another cmdr at a set time & place
I'm usually alone, but not by choice. Lol

My game time limits the amount of players I'm online with, so I rarely see anyone.
Which is a shame because I love co-op more than anything.
Curious, limited amount of time, or unusual time of day that you play? If the latter, you could find a squadron that is based in a different time zone so they are on at the same time. :)
lone wolf because:

1) trying to influence bgs is faster done alone
2) wing missions are broken
3) powerplay is broken
4) multicrew is broken
5) I am broken
Sure that is not in reverse order :)

Actually I am curious about yor "trying to influecne bgs" reason. I thought there were commander change caps, so your proposition is counter-intuitive to me. Could you elaborate?

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