News A Question that Must be Answered

Commanders, we need your help.

During tonight’s live stream we found ourselves in contact with Professor Palin.

(Note: Due to an audio error, stream starts at 5:45!)


The professor is currently engaged in the study of the Unknown Ships and requires as much data as we can muster to complete his most recent experiments.

He’s informed us that he is willing to pay, however you will need to sign up and deliver Unknown Ship Signatures and Unknown Wake Data to Orcus Crag station in Pleiades Sector OI-T C3-7.
We have until June 13, 3303 at 12:00 BST to get the data to him lest the Federation discover his experiments.
Contribution made. May it help in the nullification of the nullification field that these Thargoi..... AHEM.... Flower Ships emit.
how do you submit the data? i have 6 of those already but i dont know where you're meant to submit it, if i click on the community goal i dont have an option to submit
The two reasons i cannot participate are real life work and in game distance (10kly far out), but i want to wish all CMDRs good luck and godspeed! Go get em! o7
Signed up, and delivered!

However, I do wish we had a better way to contribute and advance stories besides run of the mill CGs. Regardless of purpose, they all feel the same, and therein lies the problem.

Though game limitations could have something to do with it all... would love to have a dialogue about this. Something as supposedly major as this deserves to feel truly special, not generic. =)
You guys could have at least increased Hyperdiction chances since i got only once hyperdicted. And i was jumping for loooong time, with and without UA.
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