A quiet week in the galaxy - Galnet News?

So, it's Wednesday and no new articles from Galnet News about anything. Is it really this quiet in the Elite Galaxy - nothing newsworthy to report?
I'm sure there's a ton of news in the Galaxy. Just not in GALnet.

Almost like the real world... You want actual news? You'll have to research and dig through Information Sources (in our case Forums and Discord channels) yourself.
Want fluff, ballgames and distractions? Read a newspaper, a magazine or watch TV. Or read GALnet ;)
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Frontier mentioned a few years back that they tended to schedule the news for weekends as those were the days players were most likely to log in and read it.

Less necessary, I think, with Galnet interface improvements and the "week in review" article since then, as well as there being fewer "routine" posts which might push it off the front page. On the other hand, if they don't have the staff and translators to do an article every day, then they might as well post them when people are more likely to read them rather than spreading them out evenly.
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