Parks A Re-imaginigng of RCT1's Three Monkeys Park

Hello, all. Thought I'd share my latest project. It's my largest to date, and first serious attempt at a full park rather than individual feature rides.

The premise of this project was to take the idea behind the RCT1 Added Attractions/Corkscrew Follies scenario Three Monkeys Park (the three wise monkeys maxim) and flesh it out into a full theme based on East Asian mythology with the three duelling coasters as a centrepiece.

The coaster layout is inspired by the one featured in the original scenario, and retains its most significant features, but differs in some places to improve relative pacing and interaction between trains, make more use of the freedom of the PC coaster editor and to accommodate transfer tracks and an inversion in the orange coaster, Hear No Evil.

Showcase video:

Daytime Onride POV video:

Night-time Onride POV video:


More Screenshots:
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Three monkeys?
Is that one of the RCT1 expansion parks?

Also, it looks pretty good. Love the bridge with the japanese type "flags"
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Very nice job! I remember the good old Three Monkeys Park. [big grin]
It refers to the "See no Evil", "Hear no Evil", "Speak no Evil" Monkeys right? DID you know there was a fourth one? We don't know about this here in the West but there was the "Do no Evil as well". I leave it to your imagination what bodypart he was holding [mouth shut] [big grin]

As for the Park: Excellent Recreation [up][up][up]
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