A tale and a Warning to ALL!

I have created this account to tell me tale and post a warning to Elite Dangerous players!

I have now stopped playing this superb game but it is NOT the devs fault or the games, it is MY fault and my fault alone.. BEWARE!

I bought the game on the PS4 launch day, I love space games and have for decades, I fell in love with the game within an hour of playing it, so immersive, such fun!

However I struggled to make decent credits (by 'decent' I mean more than 20,000 an hour) So after looking around and reading various places I found out about Quince!

Off I went to Quince, took me a good day to get there but once there I was making a fortune! Planet scan missions I'd pick up 5-10-15 of them at a time and with the planet being so close I could get 3-8 million credits in under 6 mins!!

Soon I had 200m , then 3, then 5 then 700m

By then I had got to the point of picking up scan missions, doing them and then ramming my ship into the ground as it would save me the time to fly back and dock. (yes, really)

After doing this daily for a month, I got tired of it and this is where I ran into trouble.

I bought myself a Python, outfitted it and tried going to various places, but all the stations I found only offered me what I saw as "pointless" missions, ie ones for 50k, 200k or 1.1m

Did I want to do a mission that would take me an hour for 200k? no way!! , did I want to do a passenger mission for 5m that would take me 4-5 days to do? no way!!

I had been utterly spoiled by Quince and now I didn't even want to leave the dock unless I was getting paid 5-10m

a week of trying various things my love for the game waned and everything was "too much hassle for too little pay".

as from today the game isn't even installed on my PS4 anymore, I deleted the game files to get some space back because I know I won't be going back to it.

I know I ruined the game for myself by doing these runs over and over, I just hope my tale helps someone from falling into the same trap and spoiling the game for themselves in the same way I did.

That is all I wanted to say and goodbye.
peace, out!
Sounds like you want to join a player faction and spend all that lovely lolly helping with the giant game of "Space Risk" that is the BGS


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If you've already got lots on money then don't even look at the mission rewards. Just pick ones you think might be fun, or don't do missions at all. Go off exploring or bounty hunting or mining, whatever takes your fancy. Pick a home system and start promoting a minor faction (or player faction even) you like the look of. Choose a major faction and try a bit of power play (no one does that for the pay).

Plenty of stuff too keep you amused once you forget about the money.
And this is why I refuse to use these bizarre places. Lol

Free money (in games) is boring.

I've nearly unlocked the Corvette without grinding the known places*, or really grinding at all. 48~% to go. :)
If the mission isn't interesting, I don't do it.

*Admittedly, in a moment of weakness, I went to Sothis. But promptly left again an hour later after realising how mind numbingly bored it was.

Nearly all games I've cheated on, I've ended up being completely bored of, really quickly.
I love ED too much to ruin it with cheating or exploits.
(I know Quince is neither, but it feels that way to me).

Fly safe. Play smart!

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The OP does have a point though. We get a lot of players both new and old who made billions in Quince. They all got what they consider "end game" ships in a few weeks, and then all we hear is that the game is too easy and missions don't pay enough. As respondents said, there are other ways to play once you are rich, but (especially) console players want immediate progress and to win. Whereas in Elite, there is no winning. Like in real life, you win only if you last longer.

We get calls every week for bigger ships, be it the panther or playable capital ships. If these silly "easy mode" systems like (but not limited to) Quince didn't exist, we'd have less trouble.

Between that and exploits, I get more and more convinced that a galactic reset wouldn't be better for all of us. With a few changes to ensure it can still be interesting. And tbh, with the standard forum advice for anything being to wipe save, then I can only assume people would be ok with it too.
I understand.
Have Elite rank in exploring and close to trader Elite, with combat rank NOT worth the hassle.
I pick missions based on interest, places to visit and parts being offered. Not not CR. But some missions payments are a joke.
If you really want more CR for your time, then passengers are the way to go. As some of the best trade routes still only come to 1.5m per 15 minute trip, and take time to find.

My problem having got the ships I want and spent time upgrading them, what more is there for me to do.
DARE I say I need something to grind for :) Or reset.
The game doesnt have to be about money, I have more than enough to buy anything I want and still not make a dent. I just do what I want now and not stress at all about it.

To keep the game interesting I joined a player minor faction and we work to expand our systems and keep the ones we have stable. The cash is rubbish at times but the target is not about that. I also do power play for one of the smaller factions (Antal), playing with other people really adds to the experience.

I think a problem with elite some people have is its completely open ended with the only obvious targets being ship upgrades. Sure this is a thing but if you look a little more in to it there is plenty of other things to do.
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Excellent post OP - thanks for sharing and for so eloquently describing what I've long suspected to be the case concerning easy wins.

In due course I hope you'll think about returning to Elite and playing the game a different way. I don't know if this will help but I always found the videos by Isinona to be a great source of inspriation (not that I'm much of a combat pilot but just as a general philosophy concerning a better way of approaching the game).


P.S. I've added this to my sticky Best of Forum thread as a warning to others.
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I went to Sothis purely to get Sirius rank faster. I think I actually lost money on the deal :)
Same here.

At the time, all the other Sirius Corp stations seemed to only be offering missions which required you were already Friendly with them.
Sothis was the only place with missions for Sirius Corp which didn't require some existing affiliation.

At the time, I think I'd already unlocked the Corvette but I thought it might provide an easy opportunity to complete my ranking with the Fed's too.
The only Fed' missions available were data-delivery to Ceos and black-box recovery missions - and there were heaps of both.

I actually rather enjoy the BB recovery missions, especially ones where you have to snatch the BBs while under fire.
I took on about 4 of them (each requiring the collection of several BBs) and I was already starting to get cheesed-off by the time I'd completed them.
In a rare moment of clarity, I realised I was at risk of ruining something that I enjoy by flogging it to death so I decided not to take any more similar missions there.
I took on 20 data-delivery missions, took them to Ceos, realised that I'd increased my Sirius rank to "friendly" and decided that was enough for me and headed back to the bubble.
Get over your money fixation and learn to play the whole game, not just part of it. Getting burned out is easy to do when you do only one thing in the game. What on earth do you use the credits for anyway? You can only buy ships and upgrade them, after that credits are totally worthless.

I started out trading, got burned out on that and then became a space bum, exploring, occasional bounty hunting, roaming planets looking for loot... Got somewhat board with that so I worked on engineering and found mining, enjoyed that. Now I'm redoing my engineering because I have learned a few things along the way and know I can do better. I buy ships that I never really used on my way up, like the Viper III and engineered the crap out of them and am having a ball at fighting with them. Combat is something I never really did much of but now I'm enjoying it.
I'm also working on getting the rank for a Corvette. I don't grind, just work out of a port with 4 Fed aligned factions and run a few missions a session. Sometimes I don't. Deep exploration is something I don't do but might in the future.

I work on the road so I have frequent breaks from the game as well a couple of other games to play when I don't have a couple of hours to dedicate to the game. In short, I play a lot of different ways and aspects of the game, the frequent breaks always amaze me when I return with the beauty of the game. So, if all you can do is grind for credits that are useless in the game, you will get burned out.

Adios, baby...
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