A tale and a Warning to ALL!

I have created this account to tell me tale and post a warning to Elite Dangerous players!

I have now stopped playing this superb game but it is NOT the devs fault or the games, it is MY fault and my fault alone.. BEWARE!

I bought the game on the PS4 launch day, I love space games and have for decades, I fell in love with the game within an hour of playing it, so immersive, such fun!

However I struggled to make decent credits (by 'decent' I mean more than 20,000 an hour) So after looking around and reading various places I found out about Quince!

Off I went to Quince, took me a good day to get there but once there I was making a fortune! Planet scan missions I'd pick up 5-10-15 of them at a time and with the planet being so close I could get 3-8 million credits in under 6 mins!!

Soon I had 200m , then 3, then 5 then 700m

By then I had got to the point of picking up scan missions, doing them and then ramming my ship into the ground as it would save me the time to fly back and dock. (yes, really)

After doing this daily for a month, I got tired of it and this is where I ran into trouble.

I bought myself a Python, outfitted it and tried going to various places, but all the stations I found only offered me what I saw as "pointless" missions, ie ones for 50k, 200k or 1.1m

Did I want to do a mission that would take me an hour for 200k? no way!! , did I want to do a passenger mission for 5m that would take me 4-5 days to do? no way!!

I had been utterly spoiled by Quince and now I didn't even want to leave the dock unless I was getting paid 5-10m

a week of trying various things my love for the game waned and everything was "too much hassle for too little pay".

as from today the game isn't even installed on my PS4 anymore, I deleted the game files to get some space back because I know I won't be going back to it.

I know I ruined the game for myself by doing these runs over and over, I just hope my tale helps someone from falling into the same trap and spoiling the game for themselves in the same way I did.

That is all I wanted to say and goodbye.
peace, out!
And the moral of the story is not to go to quince. Clear save, start again, join a player faction, do some exploration or something else more fullfilling then just the acquisition of credits. I have avoided all of these get rich quick schemes for exactly this reason. They would ruin the game for me.
If it helps

My first save was on a mac so not horizons

I found out about the Sophis/Ceos biowaste runs starting in an Asp. VERY quickly I had enough money for a Python and very soon after a Conda....

After that I had the same feeling on missions, they simply looked not worth it. This an the frustration on not being able to play the whole game (planet landings , engineers etc) I ended up slowly giving up.

Now Im back on an X box and having a ball.. I started with a view to finding out what the engineers were all about from the off and ended up going places I wouldn't have and doing things I hadn't done (ie mining, rare runs). I've kept most of the ships Ive bought and engineered them, made money quickly enough without the missions or the job Im doing getting dull and I'm still playing (probably a little too much).

Take a break and if you come back to the game just enjoy mucking about in space. I've got a a long list of things I still haven't even started doing yet and Im creeping up on trade Elite nice and slowly right now

(P.S. and I did go to Quince to se what the fuss was about - just found it a bit dull)
Sounds like the op put a price on having 'FUN' then had a burn out. No Quince credits doing other game related tasks = no fun, sad ending :(
Take what you have learnt.
Reset your save.
Play the game diffe;rently.

I did just that and gave the game abit of a break for awhile. Came back and started again and enjoying building up my activities again. I didn't did Sothis and the TAU Federation missions to get the corvette. Once i had it though i didnt know what to do your right i completely skipped the best part of the game.

It's taken me awhile to get a decent mining T9 outfitted but use my Cobra MKIII for almost everything and working to unlock the engineers to do a few tweaks. After the agonising of doing it saved the game for me, I'm not into maxing out my game and 'competing' though i do like abit of PvP when the opportunity comes around, but only chance encounters, as this suits my game style.

Though i would like to see PvP kills mean something if their brining in a Crime and punishment system. If they dropped a few of their materials or minerals that would be cool and again would give some encentive not to loose your main ship.


Fly safe Cmdrs
Great post!

Variety is the spice of life!

And for that reason we've never taken our show to Quince, and I myself haven't been there in a long long time.

Yes you can make good money BUT it's super boring!!!

I always recommend new players switch things up and try cargo, combat AND exploration.

And as we proved in our Two Guys in Space series, you CAN earn enough to buy and outfit a new ship every couple of hours in game :)

Peace to you too!
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Whats the problem? You have money now. Buy the best ships, outfit them and really start enjoying this game. Grab and do missions to go and see places and feel like you live in space, not to make even more money. Be a citizen of the stars, not a money slave.
My recommendation to the OP is, go deep into the black. Beagle Point is nice this time of the year :)

If FDev would listen to my final solution regarding Quince, it would be epic.

You'll be back. No one escapes from ED.... No... one.......
That's funny, Quince actually made the game a LOT more enjoyable for me and prevented me from quitting. Now I can buy what I want, fly what I want and do what I want without spending endless boring hours grinding for cash.
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Money has no meaning in this game. If you want to do something challenging like PVP for example (actually the ONLY challenging aspect of this game), money alone wont help. You need to unlock and grind all engineers, and for that you need to play the game properly (gaining ranks, mining, trading, collecting materials etc).
My recommendations would be:

First, try playing for non-credit goals. Gaining reputation, system permits, or background simulation play. You've got plenty of money now, so all those play avenues and more can be done in comfort.

Secondly... maybe consider erasing your save. I was in a similar situation back around v1.4, just before Horizons launched. I had earned hundreds of millions of credits, and was feeling a bit bored always flying my Python. I deleted it all and started over, and had a great time. Many of the game mechanics and play avenues that seemed to lose their meaning or value when I was rich suddenly mattered again.

On that second CMDR save, I learned to not chase the credits, and do those things in my first point. Today, yea I've re-earned a billion credits, but I spend most of my time doing things that have nothing to do with making money. And the game is staying fun.
I only play for money when I need it, it I got enough accumulated on my account I'm doing all kinds of crazy stuff, sometimes for very little pay, but just for the fun of it.

It's good to have these "free money" places, players need to stop concentrating on the Credits alone and start playing the game.
I only play for money when I need it, it I got enough accumulated on my account I'm doing all kinds of crazy stuff, sometimes for very little pay, but just for the fun of it.

It's good to have these "free money" places, players need to stop concentrating on the Credits alone and start playing the game.
Right? You grind cash at these places so you can afford to play the game. Grinding cash is NOT "the game."

I haven't done Quince for cash, but I have done Quince for Imp Rank and also for engineer material/data rewards.
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