A tale and a Warning to ALL!

I started out as a Credit-Chaser, making sure to take advantage of every and any opportunity to make credits - I wouldn't fly to another station without a cargo hold full of whatever they'd pay the most for there. I stuck around the same areas since my Allied status brought out the best paying missions. Someone offering more money to divert a shipload of refugees to a labor camp? Sold.
Where ever the credits were, that's where I'd be, and in very little time, I was (still am) the proud owner of at least one of every available ship, fully outfitted, fully engineered...

And now, more than 3 billion in assets and a billion in free credits later... I still go where the money is, but without that sense of necessity. Now I do things because I want to do them. I go where I want to go, enjoy doing what I'm doing, and don't have to be concerned with "how much does this pay?" And while making credits remains my motive, it no longer drives me, and enjoy what I do even more.
It's been months since I played for credits. OP you should try some of the following:

Go exploring and get your name on the stars
Join a playergroup
Mentor new players
Get into PvP
Join the Elite racers/Buckyballers
Become a fuel rat
Patrol the starter system and wing up with newbies

If you don't do any of these, just bum about and I can guarantee you will be back once 2.4 drops!!
I know I ruined the game for myself by doing these runs over and over, I just hope my tale helps someone from falling into the same trap and spoiling the game for themselves in the same way I did.

That is all I wanted to say and goodbye.
peace, out!
The reason you spoiled it for yourself is rather that you believe these are the only things you can in the game, to make credits. There are more things to do. Have you ever gone to the center of the galaxy?

Also, if you really felt that this game was immersive, then it's strange that you wasn't bothered by allowing yourself to destroy your ship to cheat your way back to the station. I don't destroy my ship or srv just to save time, because doing things like that removes the immersion. It doesn't feel like "I'm there" but rather "I'm playing a game." So it's in the end some responsibility on the player him/herself to not exploit (as you have figured out already, exploiting ruins the experience).

By the way, there's a self-destruct in the ship, no need to keep on banging the ship against the ground to destroy it. :)
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My recommendation to the OP is, go deep into the black. Beagle Point is nice this time of the year :)

If FDev would listen to my final solution regarding Quince, it would be epic.

You'll be back. No one escapes from ED.... No... one.......
Lol! It's like the old Eagle's song. "You can always check out but never leave." In this case it's more, you can always uninstall ED, but you can never stop playing it... :D
Current conditions allow someone to acquire 700 mill CR and a Python in a very short time span (compared to when I started the game), yet when a player gets to a certain point and is looking for something different, they run into the current mission system and its' lack of variety/challenge or whatever descriptive you care to use. This is just one factor. Hence the OP.

I've read various comments regarding "what to do now", and these are from experienced players who are active in any number of game activities, BGS, wing, exploration, engineering, etc.

I'm hoping that FD is using this time as a placeholder to develop the Thargoids' story line and revitalize game play. Otherwise the attraction to play may continue to weaken.
Right? You grind cash at these places so you can afford to play the game. Grinding cash is NOT "the game."

I haven't done Quince for cash, but I have done Quince for Imp Rank and also for engineer material/data rewards.
My point was, grinding for cash just for the sake of the cash ALL THE TIME, is not good for you in the long run.
Yeah I "grind cash" in periods of my playing time, to get enough to do the other thing I want to do, like driving around and collect materials.
However if you get into a spiral where you only want to take missions if they are a huge cash cows, you need to do something else.
It's a shame they didn't fix Quince, Sothis and Ceos completely after the 2.3 nerf to the stacked datascan/skimmer missions along with the farce of suiciding sidewinders.

It could have been easily fixed. Add or remove more stations or populated systems around Quince to dilute the stacked mission generations. Or completely remove the populations and stations/bases from Quince entirely. A lack of sensible targeted enforcement needed leading to this still existing exploit oversight following the 2.3 nerf.

And what's also farcical, is that it's still relatively easy to "grind" for credits doing missions for allied factions, passenger missions, bounty hunting etc. Maybe not 3-5 mill per mission constantly, but still several million/hour is very doable. One just needs to experience and learn to appreciate the credit game at a more regular pace.
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It's a shame they didn't fix Quince, Sothis and Ceos completely after the 2.3 nerf to the stacked datascan/skimmer missions along with the farce of suiciding sidewinders.

It could have been easily fixed. Add or remove more stations or populated systems around Quince to dilute the stacked mission generations. Or completely remove the populations and stations/bases from Quince entirely. A lack of sensible moderation leading to this oversight following the 2.3 nerf.
There is nothing wrong with Sothis\Quince\Robigo it is the mind set of a player that just fixes on earning credits that is the problem they see the credits as the goal in the game rather than looking for what is on offer else where. I have done a bit of these myself in the past I actually spent the first ten month of the game when I got in March last year trying to hit triple elite and have nearly every ship in the game by Christmas that was my personal target I wanted. I managed it by Jan 7 this year a week or two off but now I have lots of credits and ships I having even more fun than ever unlike the OP, I don't look at the credits when I take missions now I just take them because I fancy flying to that system or I spend four hours mining for a change not worrying about a big payday or like a couple of weeks ago I built a explorer conda and buckyballed to Sag A and back from the bubble in 11 hours. The only thing I miss is the Robigo\Maia Shadow smuggling missions not because of the credits but the chase and avoiding the scans from the feds and pirates.
*Admittedly, in a moment of weakness, I went to Sothis. But promptly left again an hour later after realising how mind numbingly bored it was.
This is the thing. You got bored quickly.

I did too when I went to Quince to see what all the fuss was about. I ran a few scan missions (and absolutely did not self-destruct back!!), made a few mill, thought, sod this for a game of soldiers.

If people with a higher boredom threshold than you or I have want to go backwards and forwards doing the same thing for ages, I don't really care.
So now that your curiosity is sated you can wipe your save and start over. ;-)
I am actually thinking of getting a second commander on the PC to try something different, getting just enough credits together to upgrade and fly the starting sidewinder out to Colonia and playing there from almost scratch
I miss the first iteration of Robigo... you could get paid a ton, but you'd be chased by an NPC per mission you took, all of them would drop into the instance if you got interdicted, and if any of them scanned you (even a pirate) all your missions would instantly fail. You could balance out risk vs profit: do you take just 3 missions and almost guarantee an OK payout, or twenty missions for a mad payoff and have fifteen scans go off the moment you got interdicted? (which happened a lot when you need to jump 15 times just to get back in the bubble - this was before engineered FSDs)
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Lots of opinions... yet the OP is completely correct, and there's no going back from it... The bubble used to be a relatively interesting place.. you were forced into playing in a multitude of different ways and making credits wasn't easy. Rares runs, combat zones, CGs, a bit of pirating.. after quite a long time you're finally maybe buying a bigger ship and realise trading is actually a great way of getting some more rebuy credits..

I might sound too old to this game now (15 weeks playtime approx), but back in the day you had to work for your goals and dreams of larger ships, different ships and the credits to load them out. And now? Everyone and his dog can get the credits they need to go buy a Cutter, Corvette, whatever, in no time using dumb exploits that have, quite frankly. killed the game and made it a pretty dreary place...

I always scan these forums from time to time and see the same old 'i was ganked' but i can tell you for certain that part of the reason for this, certainly from the old school, is that when you see some 'competent' CMDR flying around in a Cutter, he's probably fast-tracked there and it kinda pains those that used to enjoy this game. Call it petty, but there's always gonna still be plenty that will take something away from killing some 'competent' pilot in his shiny Cutter whilst he flounders around not knowing where or what the hell is going on.. and there are also those that are so hacked off with the the direction this game has gone that they're beyond bored and ganking is a backlash at FD themselves.

So, yeah, talk about the exploits for making fast cash anyways you wish, but the reality is that it shoulda been plugged from the off. Yet the damage was done long long ago now, still continues and there's no going back.. dumb FD.
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