A tale and a Warning to ALL!

The problem TS experienced is that Quince allows you to make huge money in the EARLY GAME. I'm starting to think it should be permit locked or something. I personally still enjoy making money the legit ways since in the endgame they give Quince a run for its money - massacre stacking, exploration with LYR5, sightseeing and passenger missions, bulk slave trading being the five main ones, all around 20 million per hour. Used to be guardian ruins too but oh well..
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Sounds like you need to go exploring. Out in the black credits don't matter, and you gain a completely different perspective. The only thing that becomes important is the next Witchspace jump.
Amen. When the game starts feeling a touch repetitive, I stow my ship in dock, grab my DBX, and take off to the black. A few days there, and I'm recharged. ♥
Honestly surprised by this thread.

After I finished grinding a few billion in Quince it felt like the game finally opened up for me. I love not having to worry about money anymore, and being able to do whatever missions/activities I feel like without having to worry about whether it's "profitable" or not.
Which is a good suggestion that lasts a little while and then you realize that the missions aren't fun, the systems are all the same despite different layouts and there's nothing to do in the game other than make credits and the only thing you can do with those credits is buy ships and stuff for ships ...which you quickly grow tired of since eventually you'll get the ship you want and you dont have to bother yo-yo'ing between it and any other ships because there's no real specialization needed to accomplish anything in the game.

Fix the exploit sure, but that's not going to make the game fun. Fdev still needs to create missions and gameplay that dont revolve around acquiring currency that ends up being worthless after a short amount of time even if you're not exploiting anything.
I dunno I have plenty of enjoyment though I will say often my play sessions are more meditative than anything. I just spent a couple days grinding to ensign so i could attain the ross 128 permit due to recent events. Bought a cobra stripped it down for speed, cargo, and srv and had fun doing a short rank grind.

I was hoping Ross 128 would be a pvp hotspot but so far Ive only seen the same commander twice now, while he was afk in station. Doesnt sound fun or rewarding but Ive enjoyed the journey so in the end its an issue of perspective.

Now my goals are to continue unlocking engineers, perhaps poke my head in Merope as the Pleiades is the only place that feels like home and Sirius is here now. Even if some missions arent that fun, others can be. I especially enjoy doing surface base assault/scan missions on high/med security bases.

I will say it seems to be that a lot of people only see the statistics as a measure of progress. How many credits, what ranks, what ships, what mods, etc. Its only about that if you choose to focus on that. There are people who have left the bubble as soon as they could afford an advanced discovery scanner and never came back;clearly it doesnt have to be about credits/stats if you dont want to focus on that.
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Yup, fair warning OP. Two mates of mine that I convinced to play did that. Found their way to Quince straight up and once they got sick of grind-playing there, they went back to the bubble and can't get interested in anything. They have imperal rank and the best ships... for what?

They burnt themselves out.
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I am actually thinking of getting a second commander on the PC to try something different, getting just enough credits together to upgrade and fly the starting sidewinder out to Colonia and playing there from almost scratch
Sweet zombie baby Jesus that's a lot of dedication... How many of them would that be if you stick to vanilla jumps?

Read the OP and its left me thinkiking what game was he playing or did the OP buy the wrong game as Im heading on for over a 1000 hours , I have taken breaks but have never played the game the way it was done in the OP as in must get to the end, but there is no end in ED nor is the game about having one of the big three or a credit balance that means nothing as its only a game.

Each to their own I guess, Im around 13k out on the outer arm seeing the sites in my conda, a ship ive owned for a while and was never in a rush to get, in fact its the 2nd Ive owned, I have the rank for the cutter and the cash but have no intrest as off now to own one.

The game isnt a race, for me its log in do what I want to do log off. Sorry Im still abit confussed by the way the OP played the game and burnt out in such a short space of time.
It's a good OP, highlighting the grind versus game mentality. Totally a shame if you really are gone for good .. sounds like you have what it takes to fit right in with this community .. of nut cases (in a good way).

One word for you .. MINING!?
Or .. follow systems in outbreak and supply medecines??? (Mercy me?)

aka. operate your ship at a loss! That's what I do!
#notalwaysonpurpose.com :D
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I kind of feel that this is a clickbait thread from a 'fake' account, but it's a good one so I can't help adding my own thoughts. :)

It's been months since I played for credits. OP you should try some of the following:

Go exploring and get your name on the stars
Join a playergroup
Mentor new players
Get into PvP
Join the Elite racers/Buckyballers
Become a fuel rat
Patrol the starter system and wing up with newbies

If you don't do any of these, just bum about and I can guarantee you will be back once 2.4 drops!!
After reading the OP I was going to post more or less the same thing as Arc. The current mission system is pretty dull unless you enjoy manipulating the BGS for yourself or a player faction, but joining in with 'community created content' brings the game to life. I've been playing since beta and would probably have stopped long ago if it wasn't for the ideas brought to life by posters on these forums and reddit. My assets are still less than 1 billion, because I've been concentrating on enjoying the game rather than getting rich.

ElectricZ probably saved the game for me with his series of Buckyball Runs, his sense of humour and the great camaraderie that I found in the Buckyball Runner community - which eventually spawned the Buckyball Racing Club. If you feel you've mastered what the game offers, then perhaps try to beat CMDR cookiehole at one of our events (this one has just finished).

Awesome cookiehole racing video inside spoiler (slightly embarrassing as it also shows my Driving Miss Daisy abilities ;)):

Obviously Buckyball racing (or Elite Racers type racing) isn't everybody's cup of tea, but look for something that interests you amongst all the community created stuff on these forums - the Fuel Rats are an especially rewarding player group to join, exploring can be more fun if you join a large expedition, community goals give a good opportunity for lone-wolf players to encounter lots of other players, CANONN will help you immerse yourself into FD's metaplot.

Notorious 'bad guy' groups like SDC and The Code bring a better sense of danger to the game than the NPCs ever will, while 'guardian' player groups like Iridium wing would allow you to use all those credits to protect less wealthy CMDRs.

Personally I'd reset my save and try to enjoy playing the game without cash 'exploits' now that you've seen that quick cash doesn't really help to make the game more fun. Maybe take a look at Erimus' Outlander Challenge?

I do think that FD should have made a conscious effort to sort out dodgy stuff like Quince before the PS4 release. There must be loads of new Playstation players who after initially struggling to make credits, took a look online and found out how to make 100s of millions in days, only to quickly become jaded.
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How on earth did you keep doing the same repetitive task over and over to make 700 million??? The whole galaxy at your disposal and you go do that.

Sheesh :p
Quince still pays well... But it is as boring as paint drying! You'd be better off going exploring!
Been exploring, enjoyed it at first but eventually it got a little stale. Be interesting to see what its like when they add more features to it :). (i find any form of money making in the game to be a boring endeavour :D)
I just remember the very end of Futurama episode one. "ALRIGHT! I'M A DELIVERY BOY!" That pretty much sums up Elite Dangerous for me. I have a bunch of small and medium ships and a Type 9. I trade, fight, and explore. It's all about doing stuff in spaceships. The game has everything but Grace Park, as far as I'm concerned.
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If you ever want to come back, here's an idea...

Hey Cmdr,

I have been playing for a few months now on and off here and there and I can say that I always come back to this game because of the experiences you get just by flying around, not necessarily following missions. I am a bounty hunter by trade where I go on pirate killing missions by the dozens, queuing up multiple of the same enemy type just so I don't have to grind for days just to get the full payout. I understand where you are coming from with the need for oney and not wanting to leave without multimillion cred payouts. But combat has treated me well in terms of payout and pleasure. It made me appreciate the grind because you never knew how dangerous your opponenet might be. In my Asp X, I was nearly taken down by a couple Asp Scouts and a Vulture because, lo and behold, I didn't pay attention to their ranking and they were ranked as Dangerous and 2 Masters. I thought I was invincible until I just barely escaped with my canopy intact at 3% and ship health hovering in the single digits. I did do a little grinding on those scan missions since they were fast and easy, but instead of Quincy I went to Sothis.

But my real passion is exploration. The first time I saw a white dwarf with the solar flares shooting out of both sides, taking up almost my entire Asp Explorers field of view but looking so amazing and new and wonderful. Its experiences like this that make me come back to games on a regular basis and, if you give it a try, you might as well. If you ever want to go exploring together sometime on PS4, or bounty hunting with plenty of pirates to go around, let me know. I can hook you up and help rekindle your passion for the game.
That's only a problem if you consider earning credits your end game. To me it's not like that, I bought a few ships cause I like their design and now I do missions or fly around exploring, I simply do what I like without caring about earning money that much, don't get me wrong, I like earning credits but it's not my primary objective, it is simply a side effect of playing the game the way I do.
LMFAO!!! i farmed SOTHIS back when it was a thing..

i got a corvette, Anaconda , ASP explorer and Python all A graded... every thing i need!!

QUICK CASH SAVED ME FROM LEAVING!! opposite of this post


this game is STALE as Hell.. NOTHING TO DO!!!!

- exploring is all the same . doesn't matter where in the galaxy you go, you get the same boring crap
-Bounty hunting: ALL sites are 100% the same .. ZERO variation
-Trading; lol station to station hoping is soo bad and repetitive that some times it feel like i messed up and landed at the same station!!


if you want more easy cash Cause they nerf QUINCE try this: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/6foccy/road_to_riches_improved/

the ONLY thing keeping me playing now is the engineer! might not be grand with the RNG but at lease i dont get everything handed to me on a silver plate like the rest of this game.. Engineering is the only *hard* part of this game. and the only reason i still play..

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