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So I was thinking about a fun way to include new skins in the game that doesn't involve micro transactions, and I remembered a particuliar game some of you may know : Battle For Middle Earth 2. In this game, Gollum would randomly appear on the map and you have to send your army to kill him and take the Ring back to your base before he flees or your opponent kills him first. The Ring unlocked the ultimate hero for your faction.

Now imagine Blue appearing on Nublar and starts wandering around, running and probably killing. Then Owen Grady asks you to capture her. She would eventually run away outside the playable area so you would have to be extremely fast with your chopper. If you manage to put her to sleep, you can move her in an enclosure or "sell" her. Congrats, you just unlocked Blue skin for your velociraptors. If you failed, she'll come again sometime. Eventually.
Some will say "what if I put fences all around Nublar, she can't come in or out", well yeah raptors should be able to CLIMB fences like in JPOG, not smash it to pieces like T.rex, it's ridiculous.

This could also work with TLW raptor on Sorna. You guys have ideas?

Thanks for reading !
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It’s a great immersive idea. But why give up the income of a micro transaction? Not trying to say FD is greedy, but they are a business and they need cash.
Raptor DLC Idea

Or they could add the skins for the velociraptors that is similar to Blue, Charlie, Delta and Echo. They could even add the raptor training enclosure for them in a raptor DLC.
I would like if they could actually release a big movie skin pack, with actual skins from the movies like:

TLW Velociraptor
TWL Female T-rex
JP3 Female Velociraptor
TLW Stegosaurus
Blue Skin scolor

Personally, I'd love to see a variant "play mode" that would bring back some of the mission type gameplay from OpGen.

Something like a mission tab where as you progress through the game you would unlock different things where it would be a relatively small map, no building. You control either a jeep (some with special, unlockable skins) or chopper (same skin unlocks) where you go recover escaped dinosaurs in various places. Some could be like the ones from the books, others could be like a recreation of the San Diego incident, or post Fallen Kingdom with dinosaurs on the loose where people are trying to regain control of them. You unlock vehicle skins and dinosaur cosmetic genomes as you play them, perhaps having a star rating for completion based on things like time taken and dinosaur kills that determines how well you did for what is unlocked.

Tracking down Blue could be one of them, same with the Bull Rex and even things like the TLW raptors.
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