A week in the making - A rare, indigenous Stealth Beluga!

I thought I was doing well to get my Krait Phantom down to 14% in super cruise. I will have to see if I can do better and still have it serviceable for me.

I did some tinkering and got the Phantom to run at 9%. Only thing I had to change was the thrusters and the engineering a bit. It takes it a while to get down to that temp w/o using a heatsink but it will get there and stay there. Unfortunately I had to sacrifice more speed than I'd like. I kept the thrusters though because that load out could still have its uses.

I did manage to get the load out I was using to run at 11% without sacrificing any speed so I'm really happy with that. Thanks to the OP for the inspiration for this little project.
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I’ve got a similar Beliga out in the California Nebula.

I run a 4A Fuel Scoop unpowered, and sometimes don’t fit one at all.

It’s a ferry working 4 sites only.

I use a MilSpec hull with Derp Plating and my FSD is modded for cool over range, but I didn’t know about the “One HeatSink with modded ammo” trick.

Stay Frosty, brother.
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You know what that means.

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Could you please share your build? Mine, as barebone paper build as it is, still stays at 11-ish in normal space, and >30% in supercruise, and that's even after G5-ing everything.

Minimize absolute power usage, not percent (if you've been doing that).
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