A worthless thread I admit, but important nonetheless

Negative threads on this sub-forum frequently run into 30+ pages. Depressing!!

If you have just a few seconds to spare, post ANY nice comment here to create a happy mega thread to show the majority play and like the game.

Me first... Played ED for about 2 years now. Not saying its perfect, but love it, yep really :)
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The majority do play and like the game; even the one's who aren't happy at the moment (occasionally) play and like the game. Those who neither play, nor like the game are quite rare.

That said, any nice comment?

The mods are good their jobs; and in the true spirit of ED forum things; that is undoubtedly T.J.'s fault.


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Spaceships are cool and it's fun to play starship captain.

More importantly:
This community is awesome. Despite the salt sometimes, there is always a post every day that makes me smile. :) I've made many friends here. :D

The mods are good their jobs; and in the true spirit of ED forum things; that is undoubtedly T.J.'s fault.
We all take our turn with the dunce cap, but yeah. Lol.
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I like reading release notes (and sometimes necking beer as I read them, which may increase in pace as I read). Sometimes I weep? But mostly I like reading release notes.

Ideally ones that don't just say "various bug fixes" - I am looking at you, Mister Edward Lewis, Esquire.
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Im as critical as I can be of this game but its because I feel its so close to being one of my favorite games of all time. I really hope the team has even greater things in store for the future. Heres to looking Beyond the Horizons.
I'm really just getting started in the game and have been thoroughly engrossed. I enjoy quite a few different genres of games, but at the most I can only play them about two months or so before I have to move on due to boredom.

However, with ED it is always evolving, albeit in sometimes minor ways, and there will never in my lifetime be a way to "beat" the game. Once I have all the ships, new ones will be released, once a mystery is solved, another will surface, etc. There is no end to the possibilities.

I think it's going to take me another year before I get caught up on all the lore before I don't feel like a total noob in this forum.

To the Fdevs though, Great Job! The science is beautifully imagined, storyline is rich and deep (even though moving quite slowly at the moment), and it's an absolute blast gunning my Clipper through the mail slot at more than 400!!

Thank you for giving me the freedom to pursue my own story rather than acting out someone else's!
Been here for three years. Even with all its flaws, it's still my favourite game.
Same here. After First Encounters in the 90s there wasn't one space game that nearly gave me anything alike. Good space games, yeah, a few, but nothing like the Frontier games back then. In fact I went back to that 3d version of First Encounters after the X games disappointed me and happily accepted the outdated graphics and all. Well, ED solved that for me and I'll just keep playing and nobody can stop me. Not even my wife, because she's a gamer too! Ha! :D
The music and sound design in ED is amazing!

Also, the SRV planet music is extremely nice, though I wish it went on a loop and started sooner (for me it starts only after driving about 15 minutes).

Is it a requested feature by chance? To turn on option "Loop ingame Music"?
The music and sound design are so good I bought the soundtrack. I listen to it in my car, which becomes a problem when I try to hyperjump.
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