A year worth of Elite photoshop concepts!

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Hi all I mainly post on the reddit but get asked to put things up here, so I have finally signed up and have put a lot of my photoshop ideas in one big album.
The posted ideas are:
Detailed surface scanner concepts (with 4 more scans available)
Shipyard storage and module swap visualisation.
Community heat map and 'home systems'
Security system contracts visualisation with needle gun tagging and career idea.
SUV space utility vehicle concept with stripped down SRV and outpost jobs.
Game marker concept for racing, chasing and sector gameplay.
Ground based developments, home system integration and income from supporting local stations/outposts.

And I left off my first putting faces in elite post, was a lucky call!!

Hope you enjoy the ideas :eek:


have posted a link to the album here, don't kow if I can post it within the post?!
any help gratefully received.

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Gotta agree. How did this get missed at the time!?!? Love the concepts! Much wow in there and sparked a few ideas of my own :)
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Welcome to the forum.
The beers are in the fridge and the nuts are all over the board.

I've been scoring rep by reposting your stuff for ages.

Can I suggest you break out the individual pics and format your first post for this forum.
A lot of punters don't click through off site, so you need to get the pics up here.

Really - your ideas will just EXPLODE here once people actually see them.

Like this:
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Holy cow, nice work!
Especially all that surface scan stuff. I feel like I could spend hours on a single planet scan with research tools like that.

and rep to Manus McVee for digging this one up! :)
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That explorers thread has been punishing on my rep wallet.

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How did i miss this thread? Good stuff here.
That's my point - ToCoSo does such great work - and everyone misses it because he doesn't format it for this forum.
Dude has some serious design skillz but hasn't figured out the BB code.

And while I love the scanner concept and the heat maps - I do not like the "set locator".
I'm one of the "no waypoints" crew.
Only waypoints I want are beacons you have to carry, that are destructible.
(If we spark up the waypoints debate here, we can keep this concept art on the front page)
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With the current "ruins crisis" going on we desperately need some of those improvements you propose.

Good work and very well presented!

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