Roller Coasters About half way done with my "X flight" recreation.

so this is something ive been working on for quite a while now, probably have about 30+ hours in, and i feel im half way done, maybe more.
Wow no replies yet. Maybe some more pictures will help but that tower is gorgeous. Well done. Can't wait for the rest of it.
Sorry I can not say if it's a good recreation, because I do not know the "X flight" (maybe an american coaster, idk) but according to "Google image", it's exactly the same.
Congrats for that [yesnod][up]
so im working on the rest still to get an almost exact recreation to make a video on it, but i have the blueprint part ready (cant include everything based on the blueprint limits, will eventually create a collection to put it together)

now this is not a perfect replica, i had to make the coaster a bit longer and the lift hill and drop higher due to it losing too much speed through the coaster. there are other subtle changes i had to compromise with due to the games restrictions, the station is a tad different (i could have made it exact, but i wouldnt have been able to make it a blueprint) and sadly, and something i may go back to, the tower is slightly different shape, the bottom should be wider, and the top smaller, but im keeping it for now. more screens here.

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