Newcomer / Intro About squadron owned stations

What does a squadron (its members) gains for using / having a station controlled by their squadron ?

That is more than bragging rights and role play related issues ?

It should be noted that squadrons cannot directly own stations. Squadrons support factions, and it's the factions that control the stations. Factions are run by NPCs, whether it's a "player-made faction" (PMF) or a procedurally-generated faction. Players do not have direct control over a faction's behaviour, only indirect influence.

The Squadron members are presumably allied to the faction they are supporting, so they will probably get better-paying missions once their faction is in control. There are also things you can do to help keep that station under that faction's control (like trading and selling exploration data), which you can't do until they actually control the station. Finally, the faction's government type might make certain things legal that were previously illegal, and/or vice-versa - which will presumably be of benefit to the players and squadrons pushing that faction.
In addition to what @Sapyx said there is one result from changing the faction in control that sometimes quite appeals to me - changing the voice of Traffic Control. ;)
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