Absent friends: a place to remember forum contribtors you liked who have seemingly stepped back...

Corrigendum - he had over a hundred GalNet articles published. I often had cause to disagree with him, but the place was better when he was around.
I don't frequent the forums, but I still lurk. Losing player-submitted GalNet (then all local articles were wiped from the game) greatly affected how much I enjoyed Elite. I log in now and then and tool around here and there, but it's just not the same.


At any rate, it's nice to be missed. ;) Thanks for thinking of me. I'm still on Discord for those who know where to find me.
Hey guys what's going on here? I see this post about old players and community managers and even Braben moving on. It is quite concerning. Is Elite still up and breathing?
Remember Noob ? ... the one with the b&w of an avatar that looks like he has a headache .... he doesn't appear to have transferred across from the old forum
Withnail. Does he still pop up now and then ?

He's about:
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