Absent friends: a place to remember forum contribtors you liked who have seemingly stepped back...

Red Wizard (crops up now and then, I think)
Lord Zoltan

All good players and contributors during the "golden age" of xeno mysteries and the initial discoveries of Unknown Artefacts, and who stuck by me when I made claimed and subsequently showed the Unknown Artefact (now Thargoid Sensor) emitted a morse signal of the nearest celestial body, against the accepted theory run by the community that any morse heard was "just background from nearby stations"[1]

Particular shoutouts to:
QorbeQ, who discovered that the length of time a UA was "Lit" for differed between different locations/systems. This was a crucial step in demonstrating the UA's emitted morse, as the timings were proportional to the number of symbols expected in a morse transmission for a given location. (e.g if a location which would be spelt with 10 morse symbols lit the UA 6 seconds, a location which would be spelt with 20 morse symbols lit it for 12 seconds).

Wishblend, who as the proud owner of a UA at the time, took recordings of various locations I requested in order to form a UA-morse "Alphabet". As a final proof, I was able to "synthesize" a UA message for an arbitrary body using the alphabet. Wishblend then recorded the UA at that location and verified the accuracy of the alphabet.

[1] Before it was changed to be a wireframe of the ship, in a morse coordinate encoding.
Good times to remember. Sometimes, Michael Brookes showed up in the forums and gave us some crumbs

Michael Brookes is missing for sure, too


Volunteer Moderator
Lots of Fuel Rats I no longer see, although some still do non-ratty things, and i'm not particularly active myself either these days. Shout out to:

Surly Badger
Uvelius Sang
Alex Traut
Father Cool
Paul Kavinsky

Many, many others: https://fuelrats.com/leaderboard
Surly Badger and Uvelius Sang - and probably the others too - regularly post to this thread: https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threads/out-of-fuel-explorer-rescue-service-the-fuel-rats.150703/
Haven't heard for quite a while about commander ian baristan. Remember some of his excellent artwork, that were, beside highest quality - very useful! (like outpost images at EDDB) Have tried to find his old thread "Mapping the planetary cities and outposts + SRV races tool" - found my bookmark, but the link leads to nothing... Deleted?
Any of you Cmdrs remember Terminatrixx?
She was....well....evil! But, always kept a nice Flame War™ brewing on here :sneaky:
I always regret not getting to K̶i̶l̶l̶ meet her in-game.....
(Always fun playing "spot the Dangerous Discussion posters Cmdr") 😘
I see a lot of familiar faces and names. Doubt my name would show up, I lived in the Xbox section almost exclusively. I'm still with that group. Haven't used the forums in probably a year and a half. I've been on Discord with them all. Was going to update my forum name and avatar to better reflect myself, but after looking at the forum and seeing Bongo and everyone still using the same stuff, I left it just in case someone would recognize me.

Srsly guise.

Edit: Okay, it's been like two years since I used the forum...
We just assumed you were banned, again :)
All the folks who created the ED Tracker head tracking hardware/software? I believe they're long since out of the game...
Mike Evans.

Yeah, loved his posts. He shot straight from the hip, which is possibly why he was told to stop postsing. Community Managers would always do their job and try and respond in a careful way and ME would just ride in and tell people to stop whining. Ah, halcyon days.
And that's how forums should be in my opinion. Company staff should feel free to respond to some of the quite frankly insulting posts that come up here.

Someone I've not seen for years was Steve O B Have - I think he was a mod for while but he and I chatted on this board when it first appeared in 2006 but not seen him in years.
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