Absent friends: a place to remember forum contribtors you liked who have seemingly stepped back...

Well, I scanned this thread, and no one mentioned me. Sob!!!! . I was a regular on this forum since beta, I was a mod for a short time, same time as agony aunt became a mod. I still very rarely look in here, I don't play now, hoping one day the game will have something great to spark my invest again. I am sure there is still some veterans left in here that remember me, so hi to them.
Exactly two years ago the PS4 subforum was alive with anticipation and activity. Sadly most of those players are no longer active here, and the PS4 subforum is practically a ghost town in comparison to what it used to be. I think at least some of these players are active on INARA and other platforms, but many have moved on to other games. It makes me sad, but it's understandable.
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