Accurate Railroad Creations with W&S

Wings & Strings, you just blow me away with your creations. Is there no end to what can be created in this game, with just talent and a creative imagination. All your work is absolutely fantastic, Just love the Tractors, Steam Vehicles and the Tug Boat. Look forward to seeing more of your creations. [up] [up] [up]
I simply want to say, those are the most amazing cars I've seen so far for the game. All your creations are stunning, but those cars... Daaaaaaimn
Thanks to all whom have commented, and I bear good news and offerings tonight: Having created a decent amount of Southern Pacific Railroad items, I'm switching gears and offering a selection of Canadian Pacific & Canadian National engines and rolling stock in a limited run, starting with the "Empress," Canadian Pacific #2816. This is by far the most elaborate build that I've undertaken in the game, and at almost 2,500 pieces, this steam locomotive includes far more detail that isn't present on my earlier builds. Coupler cut levers, mechanical lubricators, upgraded trucks and journal boxes, washout plugs, smokebox door bolts, boiler-tube pilot, and much more.

No DLC is required, and you can get this engine via the workshop link here:

Hi, I love your train creations. Is there anyway you could make the Shay engine #2147 Class C (Little River Logging Co)?
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