Achievements not attained when reconnected to Xbox Live

I went to post this under the issue tracker a couple times but it wouldn't submit; maybe can be forwarded...

I've mostly been playing the game without Internet connection since it came out on my Xbox at a friend's house, but when bringing my Xbox home and connecting to Xbox Live achievements usually pop up shortly after (within 72 hours Microsoft says) if they are achieved while offline.

Main issue: I am currently on rank 8 for career mode and have not gained achievements for ranks 5-8 due to being offline during that time.

However, I made sure I was connected to Xbox Live at the time I reached rank 8 thinking maybe 5, 6, and 7 achievements would pop as well, but none of them did (and have been connected for over 72 hours just in fact to see).

According to Xbox Live progress I'm on rank 4 at 80% on reaching the achievement for rank 5.

The same goes for all other achievements in the game, but I was able to obtain those just by redoing them when connected (such as "complete a task in challenge mode")

Maybe something like this isn't possible to fix now that I'm passed that point. I'm not one to care about obtaining 100% achievements/trophys as long as I'm having fun but just wanted to bring this to your attention because I know some gamers are, and may be in a similar offline situation when starting off the game new.
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