Add Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog and TM T.16000M FCS support on Xbox One

First, it was exciting to see the T.Flight HOTAS One being offered but it’s limited to the UK so at best we’re waiting until very late 2017 or until sometime in 2018 before the US retailers get it.

Id much rather the existing two elite dangerous supported Thrustmaster devices also be added. One due to limited stock as well as variety. These other HOTAS are of higher quality and I’d really like to use the HOTAS Warthog on the Xbox one.

Please strongly consider adding this in 2018 if possible
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Have been told the PS4 is limited in the number of inputs it allows, so if they were to allow you to use the likes of a warthog you would probably have buttons which are unusable. Could be the same situation on the Xbox.

Failing this it could be a balancing measure. Someone essentially getting an advantage over the fact that they have quicker access to more ships functions at the touch of a button than someone who has to use combinations.

This is just off the top of my head and could be complete nonsense.
to be honest it is a type of thing you should be asking Thrustmaster, Sony or Microsoft as it is a hardware compatibility thing. If as Flaffenbam says it true, it is tough luck, but i don't think this will be the case, it is more likely that they want "unique" versions for their consoles as it is rare to see a cross platform peripheral.


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XboxOne doesn't support it. The T.Flight HOTAS doesn't support it either.

This is a case for Microsoft and Thrustmaster im affraid. As soon as they support it, i am positive Frontier will do so as well.

Though, i am afraid this will never happen. The time, costs, and effort to add another HOTAS, doesn't out weight the benefit they have when make it possible. There are simply not enough games, gamers, and requests to make it happen on XboxOne.

Pretty sure we really have to be lucky with have a HOTAS now, since Elite Dangerous is the only game that supports it.. Pretty sure there was a LOT of effort form Frontier, and Microsoft to get Thrustmaster this far to make one.
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