Additional off screen controls.

Like many I utilise Roccat's PowerGrid to extend my keyboard controls onto a couple of android devices. This thoroughly adds to immersion and investment in the gameplay. It's only real drawback for me is that it provides no feedback from the game data/conditions.

What I would like to suggest is something similar to FSXSpy's additional screen functions for flight sims.

I want to thump a big red button under a thermal readout on my old android phone, in order to purge my coolant system, while it screams red alerts at me.

To be able to use my big 10" tablet as a permanent System Map with all the functions that go with it. (And my unused laptop as my Galaxy/Nav map)

That spare 7" tablet could be my enlarged scanner display...

Any implementation, of any of this type of networked display and control, would be amazing for us big kids that used to sit in wardrobes on our ZX81's, pretending to really be in space [big grin]

Kind Regards and many, many thanks for years of entertainment.

Wonderful idea, would hugely benefit the players that have invested tons of time and money into making simpits.
You could also do a lot with large touchscreen monitors (touchbuddy only goes so far) with this implemented.
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