General Gameplay Additional Terrain Painting Options on other maps

In four of the current ten existing maps (if you exclude the Isla Nublar sandbox map), there is a fourth slot for an additional landscaping paint tool. Sand is for Isla Muerta, Muerta East, and Sanctuary, because they are coastal maps. While shale is for Isla Pena because it's an isolated map. It's been stated that the additional slots for terrain painting in those maps are to represent their personalities. Now, because the other campaign maps have different personalities as well (mountainous, inland, and lakeside), why not give them a fourth landscape paint selection mechanic as well, especially since sand was given in the Isla Nublar map more recently?

The idea is to give the other five existing maps more personality with other terrain paint options. For that, I've decided on terrain stuff that would fit that authenticity of the overall game's tropical and Jurassic island film environments.

1. Clay (inland maps - Sorna, "maybe" Nublar): A red-ish rainforest clay ground type that is equivalent to clay soil paths like what you would see in rainforests, since all the seven islands and ten maps in this game are tropical. Perhaps, like the sand, when you place shrubs on top of the clay ground, it won't be overlapped with grass terrain paint like it would with dirt or stone. (Imagine some natural red in your dino enclosures? That would be cool.)

2. Mud (lakeside maps - Tacano): Some what like the dirt paint, but a lot more light brown. Since when dinos walk on dry land, there can be dust particle effects, and when they walk in water, there's splashing particle effects, both accompanied by respectable sound effects, maybe have something like splattering mud particle effects with squishy sounds when they walk on it?

3. Leaves (mountainous maps - Matanceros, Tacano Research Facility, Nublar North): A leaf litter texture with colors that are usually brown, but with some green as well, a mixture of fallen and dead moist leaves, as well as some exposed roots.
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