Additions on Existing Theme's


Woulden't it be great if the existing themes get some extra pieces/buildings/rides/animatronics/entertainers?
Here are a few suggestions;


Entertainers; Indian, Cowboy, Sheriff
Animatronics; Indians, Cowboys, Sheriff, Horses, Clapdoors, Safe/Vault opening, Save/Vault Pulled away, Hay blowing away, Moving wagon, Arrows flying, Opening doors made out of cloth, Flipping/Falling chair, Moving minecart, Bar girl, Vulture, Cowboy with lasso
Pieces; Tiki tents, Broken trainrails, Wagon, Bullet holes, Cactus, Cowboy hat, Sherriff star, Piano, Cowboy boots, Wagon, Guitar, Harmonica,Totem pole, Feather headwear chief Indian, Lasso, Bartable, Bottles, Drinking glass


Entertainers; Girl pirate
Animatronics; Sinking ship, Moving ship, Sinking boat, Moving boat, Moving crane and Cargo, Moving rope, Govenor, Sails blowing in wind, Sail falling down, Mast Falling down, Mast splitting in half/Breaking/Snapping, Barrel rolling, Flags waving in wind, Pirate with hook, Girl pirate, Pirate swinging on rope, Fuze slowly burning, Talking parrot, Parrot flapping wings, Floating Cargo, Floating burning cargo, Ships deck moving like its floating on water
Pieces; Cannon without weels, Cannon with big wheels (Canon obusier de 12), Canonball, Cave entrance, Hook fake hand, Lighthouse, Sword, Dagger, Hourglas, Compass, Shipsbell, Pistol, Musket, Eyepatch, Pirate bicorn, Pirate tricorn, Feathers heatwear, Rum bottle, Small wooden box, Bag with gunpowder, Ducates, Gold bars, Jullery, Cristals/Ruby/Diamants, Harpoon, Whail skeleton, Boots, Wooden buckets, Beautiful decorated stern, Simple stern, Statues for stern, Ornaments for stern, Sacs/Bags filled with colorable spices


Entertainers; Skeleton, Vampire, Zombie, Witch, Scarecrow, Scary clown, Werewolf, Psychopath with chainsaw
Animatronics; Moving vampire, Vampire coming out of coffin, Opening closet, Ghost appearing, Pepper ghost illusions, Different floating and flying items, Classic witch, Witch on a broom, Flying broomstick, Zombie, Witch, Scarecrow, Scary clown, Werewolf, Mad Scientist, Mask wearing maniac, Moving paintings, Swimming shark, Shark opening mouth, Scary aliens, Big snake moving, Egg creaking, Small snakes on a pile, Moving big eye, Moving middle eye, Moving small eye, Devil, Demon, Gallows, Guillotine
Pieces; Darkride stars wall, Darkride dark wall, Darkride dark floor, Darkride dark ceiling (to make a darkride dark)
Rides; Spooky cakewalk (with standard elements to custimize your own cakewalk, like minigolf in rollercoaster tycoon), Scientist Madhouse, Witch Madhouse, Haunted Mansion Madhouse (all colorable)


Entertainers; Aztec Warrior, Mayan King, Inca God, Fox, Wolf, Bear
Animatronics; Aztec, Mayan, Inca, Monkey, Tigers, Tourguide running, Tourguide Screaming in fear, Nettrap, Poison darts shooting, Flesh eating plants, Squirrel, Rabbit, Deer, Fox, Wolf, Bear,Tree falling, Large mud slide, Small mud slide,
Pieces; Guest walkable Ropebridge, Mine entrance, Mineshaft, Minebuilding, Different kind of Logs, Saw, Sawmill, Buildozer, Large Truck, Maps, Tent, Cannoe, Backpack, Compass, Bones, Vines, Plants, Hanging plants, Flowers, Tiki masks, Hula girls, BBQ, Catamarans, Raft, Broken raft, Big plane, Hot airballoon, Broken airballoon hanging, Parashute hanging
Eating stands; Wild meat, Sorts of exotic shakes
Rides; Jungle climbing wall (customizable), Jungle lookout tower, High climbing parkour (with standard elements to custimize your own parkour) , Jungle maze (customizable), Cannoe waterride
Transport; Walkable Ropebridges in different sizes and shapes, Carts (trucks) to get transported around in the park, Large boat transport ride

Feel free to add unmissable pieces/entertainers/animatronics/eating stands/rides with these themes in mind.
Back to the Future DLC:
- Doc Brown entertainer (with similar voice sound effects)
- Doc Brown animatronics
- Marty McFly statue
- Marty on skateboard
- Einstein the dog

Munsters DLC:
- Herman (aka Frankenstein)
- Grandpa (aka old vampire)
- Wife (female vampire or bride of Frankenstein)
- Son (werewolf)
- should have at least one entertainer and the rest could be animatronics or statues

Spooky DLC:
- additional color options for King Ghoaster
- more animatronics of vampires, witches, wolves, some monster hands and eyeballs!
- a Mummy entertainer, a witch, and Zombie!
- these would go in addition to the Spooky set so those who purchased dont have to purchase again

Construction Equipment:
- Each of the 3 licensed kits should also include some more generic vehicle parts, and especially construction equipment!
- Or even better yet, the 3 licensed kits could be combined into 1 DLC and then there could also be an additional construction kit :)

Adventure DLC:
- Flesh eating plants
- Aztec Warriors
- Motorized Jeep Track ride
- Tornado

Standard (non-DLC):
- more color options for all entertainers, including outfits and skin and facial features
- more scifi stuff, more mutant plants
- fairy tale stuff, ogres, mushrooms, various cats, a walrus,
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Good ideas.

Have to say I was surprised that the Munsters and Back to the Future didn't have any "characters". The Munsters would have fit right in with the Spooky pack and Back to the Future, a more modern look.

[up] from me


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Witch Entertainer, Mushrooms of various sizes, Round doors, crystals, potions, cat animatronics, Colour options for Amalie, Colorable brick paths, Woodland creature animatronics,

Gulpee Statue, plant pots of small size,
Sci Fi Theme
Alien plants, space laser effect(recolorable), asteroids,

sarcophagus, hieroglyphics, sphinx, motorized jeep track ride(like the one used in Disneyland)
I agree with breezerHOG on the licensed content being expanded upon. I love The Munsters, I mean... who doesn't? The Munsters would be an great theme to expand upon to blend with the Spooky DLC content. Maybe a new animatronic staircase that opened up to reveal Eddie's pet dragon, Spot. Other animatronics- Eddie Munster howling at the moon, Lily Munster gracefully opening double-doors and waving at guests as they walked by, Grandpa concocting something ghoulish at his labratory or hanging upside down (just like he did on TV), and Herman Munster could run through a wall (something he did almost every episode lol). Some new build mode objects like The Munsters Home Set on 1313 Mockingbird Lane. Just don't make it scary since The Munsters was everything but scary, they were loveable and misunderstood characters just living an everyday somewhat-normal life.

For the Western content, since we already have animatronated animals with the Adventure DLC, it would be great to expand on the animatronic animals by adding horses, goats and buffalos. I don't think you meant tiki tents, A Clockwork Orange... a tipi (tepee) would be great. I also think for a new entertainer a Chief Native American or a Native American playing a drum. But I don't necessarily think it should be a DLC, but more on the lines of expanding in future Expansion Packs. Maybe a new track ride could be based on the Oregon Trail with horses pulling caravans.
Yes, those additions would be great.[big grin][up]

I would love to see the pirate theme getting new items as well - different new planks, more pirate animatronics, a new different row boat, more treasure items, parts so that we could build our own pirate captain's ship room like i.e. in Assassins Creed Black Flag. An animatronic of a pirate sliding down a rope with his hook would be nice or animatronics of plundering or boarding pirates. Also we should have more sword fighting pirates. A complete new theme about the East India trading company or a pirate hideout like Nassau would be great. More wooden furniture and building sets would be a welcome addition (building set plank walls). Like mentioned before it would be great if we were able to build the interior of a pirate ship with storage rooms, hammocks, Captain's room etc. for queue lines or rides. (I know we can already do so but having items like the captain's desk like the piano of the western theme would help a lot) [big grin]. A whale animatronic rushing out of the water or showing its fluke would be awesome[big grin]

Egypt theme: Treasures like in Assassins Creed Origin and coloured columns and walls. Walls with hieroglyphics etc.

Adventure: As BreezerHOG already mentioned: A jeep-styled track ride. So far I use the oldtimer track ride but it doesn't fit as good as it would with jeeps.[big grin]

General: More windows and more doors. Different signs in different themes but much smaller. I never use the lit signs because they are so enormous that peeps would get blind[big grin] More sign fonts, please.[big grin]

By the way, I realised that I often refer to Assassins Creed Black Flag and Origin in the last time although I don't really play those games. But I really like the art design of both games so much that I would love to see some similar items in Planet Coaster.[big grin]
it'll probably take 5 + years to do all that. Actually 10.
Yes, that is true. But this Planet Coaster will develop in those years until they will launch another. It is not that they have to make everything on this list. These are just ideas and suggestions. And some of these ideas many fans would like to see in game.
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