Adjustable speed track pieces for Track Rides

I could have sworn there was already a thread about this but I can't find it in search for the life of me.

It's been a little bit of a problem before, but the Macchina Classica made it a very obvious problem that's only been further highlighted again by the Ghostbusters pack that we have no option to control the speed of tracked ride vehicles besides "always go at the same speed for the entire ride" or "stop for x seconds".

Would it be possible for tracked rides to get a track piece (or a setting for all track pieces) that lets them set the Target Speed for the ride vehicle to accelerate/decelerate to after passing that section of track?

This would be incredibly helpful in building rides such as the Macchina Classica where you don't want it going at 30mph the entire track, or The Ghostbusters Experience/Quick Draw where you can have the car move quickly between setpieces but be able to roll slowly past targets, or have your trains or monorails gradually decelerate before pulling into a station.

I mean ideally it would be an option for all track pieces rather than a separate track piece, so you could have the target speed change immediately after the pause on a pause track, but who knows how difficult it would be to actually program that in. And of course, it would obviously not work for some rides like the chairlifts or water rides
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