[FEDERATION] Adnovi Security Holdings - Recruitment Open to All CMDRs

Fight for the very survival of humanity.
Fight for your brothers and sisters.
Fight for the Federation.

Join the fight alongside Adnovi Security Holdings and the Federation against all threats to the civilizations of the Merope Bubble.

Be it domestic, international, or even extra-terrestrial we shall challenge these threats to the bitter end. For we will be an immovable wall against the barbarians at the gates.


The Adnovi Security Holdings community has been in the game for over 200 days now and would like to expand by opening our doors to any players willing to join. We are a community that exists on Discord, Inara, and inside of the game as a squadron. You can follow these links to come and join us.

Adnovi Security Holdings Inara Page

Adnovi Security Holdings Home System

Adnovi Community Discord

Now to join us in-game, you'd have to go to the squadrons tab and find us in there then make an application, we'll be sure to accept it as soon as possible.

We hope to see you soon, pilots.

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