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Right I think I've been on this forum long enough without showing you guys my work. This is Adventure Kingdom (using the same name as my main park in RCT3, therefore continuing the "legacy") and while it's still work in progress, it currently consists of 5 themed lands so far:

- Crown Street
- Forbidden Dunes
- Old Frontier
- Lost Ruins (WIP)
- Enchanted Forest

Crown Street:
This is where the guests will begin their adventure in the park. They'll initially be greeted by a lone tower on a rocky peak bearing the park's logo. Behind it, a castle looms overhead with an animatronic knight stood on the balcony to greet the guests. Using a facade for the castle, the entrance plaza gives the illusion that guests are about to enter a castle, when in fact, once through, the scene before them will change dramatically...

Entering this castle, guests are instantly transported to another world. Before them lies a cobbled street...and way off in the distance, a spectacular fortress which acts as the centerpiece for the park! Guests can access the Adventure Railway from here if they wish, however there are also a variety of shops and restaurants available, including Street Fox Coffee, Street Treats, Crown Pizza Co. and even Adventure Momentos for those last minute memories of your adventure.

Once guests have explored the street, they'll reach the Fountain of Curiosity - a dancing fountain display with a golden jester perched atop it which acts as the gateway to one of two paths the guests can take - one leading into Forbidden Dunes and the other into the Lost Ruins. The adventure truly begins here!

What's that? You want to make a left here? Well then, carry on into...
Forbidden Dunes:
As grass slowly turns to blowing sands, guests are very quickly transported to Ancient Egypt and find themselves in a busy Egyptian marketplace, complete with all the sounds, smells and tastes of Cairo's markets. From Pharaoh's Chicken Shack to Raider Smoothies, there's a whole variety of produce available.

Now, in the Forbidden Dunes, bravery is vital. If guests are feeling particularly brave, they can embark on a once-in-a-lifetime experience on a tour of the tomb of Rameses...or in this case, take on the high-speed multilaunch coaster, Horus! With a top speed of 90mph and pulling g-forces up to 6.00G, this is one not to be missed! Guests will begin their journey passing through the closed ticket office for the tour, through a cargo yard and then eventually passing along the perimeter of the town on its balconies. Shortly after, they'll reach the desert plains and begin their descent into the gigantic excavation pit where the tomb of Rameses lies...and within it, a legendary story about to unfold...

Guests will now continue to follow the path through the spectacular tangle of twisted metal before them until they reach the tomb entrance wheere they'll pass through a series of scenes before ascending the staircase and reaching the station. Prepare to leave your senses in the hands of the gods...

The Adventure will continue...

Hope you guys like my work so far! Please note that most of these screenshots were taken a while ago and since then, quite a few changes and improvements have been made. I will continue the tour later on. :D
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Cheers for the feedback! Now for part 2!!! :D

Leaving the desert plains behind, your surroundings morph into the sights of the Alpine hills...and in the background - the finest music from the old west. Welcome to the Old Frontier! Woah, jes' a second there partner, there ain't no ten-gallon hat on your head! Not a problem, as our folks at Timber Bandit Supplies Co. have you covered! ;)

You now find yourself standing at the foot of a gigantic mountain. This here is no ordinary mountain however, it happens to be the home of the high-speed mine train coaster Bandit 1885! Take an out-of-control journey into the abandoned gold mine, while dodging explosions, water...and live mechanics (watch your head). Beware however. El Mucho and his fellow bandit cronies are on the loose! And they're believed to be in hiding within the mines. He is a dangerous criminal...

If a soaking is all you need, then Timber Falls is just a stretch down the path. Experience breathtaking views and sudden drops before plunging 3 storeys towards a drenching finish! (Please note that animated scenes are yet to be added)

Old Frontier is also the home of the finest in Western cuisine! Visit the Cowboy Cookout for outdoor dining, featuring a variety of options from burgers to chicken.

Passing through a mysterious mist-filled cave, your surroundings take a magical twist. Entering the Enchanted Forest, adventure is (literally) your background! Take on Excalibur for a wild, white-water trek past waterfalls, caves...oh...and DRAGONS!

The main section of the Enchanted Forest is a quirky and extremely overgrown village. Shops will be added later on if I can get the paths to connect. :p

(^ Please note this building above is not my own - some may recognise it as a blueprint by BDoubleO100 who surprisingly inspired much of my architecture)

Moving deeper into the forest, the winds are picking up. Enter the mysterious home of the lone wizard and prepare to feel the force of Whirlwind, as you spin out of control, caught up in this chaos spell. Some would even say this failed spell is the reason the village stands overgrown to this day...

Lost Ruins is still to come, being a land in development. Other lands will follow once building commences. :)
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looks great...and I'm not being critical in this next comment....
I really don't like the mine train track up in the air. I really feel like if this track is used it needs to be on the ground...meaning the ground needs to be brought up to the track level...its a train type track and it shouldn't be up in the air. If you could bring the ground up on that ride I think it will be improved even better than it looks already. OK - off my soapbox now...can you tell that when I see these coasters like this it really bugs me. Sorry if I'm too honest. [wacky]
Anyhow, here's the first look at the Lost Ruins! This is Humunga, a gigantic steel inverted coaster which literally dives among the ruins of the Aztec lost city, as well as dodging many special effects, such as water and fire (the torches to the right under the immelmann have flamethrowers shooting out from the flames when the train passes) . :D

Other rides and shops are still to come, but out of the entire area this will be the main (and dominant) attraction...running on 3 trains! :)
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Been a busy little bee over the past month and I can safely say it's ready. I'm super excited to show y'all the Lost Ruins. :D

Guests will enter through a towering entrance arch into the area which completely obscures what lies beyond for the sake of immersion. They'll then find themselves in a dense jungle environment.

Let's start by taking the path to the right which takes adventurers down into a pit towards the mighty Humunga - a behemoth of a coaster which thrusts daring riders through the ruins of an Aztec kingdom and promises blistering speeds of up to 54mph, surprising pockets of g-force, near misses and 6 inversions. The ride is themed around a temple which is believed to hold the rarest of jewels and treasure beneath it. Humunga is the mythical (and fictional) guardian of this treasure and constantly waits for those who dare come closer. If you can tell, the layout was pretty inspired off Nemesis Inferno at Thorpe Park.

If you can tear yourself away from the chaos of Humunga, you'll find there is something hiding around every corner; Brave a heart stopping plunge of peril on Emperor's Ritual, spin into another dimension on Prophecy, twist out of control in a Cyclone like no other or even take on the mighty Warrior.

If you need to refuel, Pagoda BBQ offers a selection of off-the-grill food from burgers to hotdogs. And with picnic benches coming very shortly, this is the park's first proper restaurant. ;)

So yeah, Lost Ruins is undoubtedly my most detailed area so far and it took a lot of time and effort to complete. Hope you guys enjoy! :D

Oh, also couldn't resist this shot. My park's coming along nicely. [woah]
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Bumping this thread back with roughly a year's worth of work. Lock the doors, pull up a chair...and watch your back! Today I'll be showcasing Black Hollow. [big grin]

Mysteria: The Tale of The Manor:
Opened: December 2017

Towering high over the streets of Black Hollow sits Batzville Manor - now nothing more than a rotting, decrepit shadow of it's former self and glory. Formerly the home of Sir Thomas Batzville, his wife and two sons, the house has since become the sanctuary for ghosts and ghouls well as a truly disturbing secret hidden deep within its walls. What fate did the family suffer? Who lurks the hallways today? Dare you try to uncover the Manor's ghastly legend?

Opened: Today

Those who escape Black Hollow tell the legend. Many believe this is something born from the pits of hell; Dark shadows ripping across the sky, each carrying its unfortunate victims - for their souls alone. Featuring a jaw-dropping 35m inverted drop, Demonix takes you on a horrifying flight of peril across Black Hollow as you're left vulnerable and exposed to a barrage of near misses on the wings of your worst nightmare.

Extra details such as custom supports will be added in due time but hope you like this! :)
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Over the past couple of months I've been taking a slight break from developing new themed lands in my park and actually redeveloping current ones...and these happen to be my two longest serving areas, Forbidden Dunes and Old Frontier. Today I'll be showcasing these changes. :)

Forbidden Dunes:
For those who haven't seen previous screenshots earlier in this thread, Forbidden Dunes has been here for quite some time. With the exception of Crown Street (my park entrance area), it was the first land I started developing, until I eventually took a break from it and started work on Old Frontier. Below are some screenshots of how it would've looked roughly two years ago, including some past rides:

As you can tell, the original concept took on a very bland desert theme. The redevelopment of the area aimed to turn it into more of an adventurous landscape, combining desert sands with dense jungle foliage. Better call Renee Fue over. ;)

General Outlook
Your journey begins as you approach a newly built entrance area. As you get closer, the sounds of jungle life and a distant market become more clear. Eventually you'll come across the streets of a booming Egyptian town. The row of buildings as the backdrop being the only remaining theming from the previous look of the area. The main change here is the space formerly holding the queue for Horus has now been raised up, becoming part of the queue for another ride on top, and below it, a new food establishment called Caspah Café.

Pharaoh's Fury:
Previously an Elixir Machine, before being removed due to unpopularity, The name Pharaoh's Fury was brought back to life in the form of a heavily themed Top Spin, combining the use of water and fire effects and vicious spin cycles to create one intense experience.

Cursed Tomb:
After being left in mystery for centuries, buried under the desert sands, Cursed Tomb has been unearthed and soon to be open for tours, inviting only the fearless of explorers. Dare you enter the sacred sarcophagus of sadistic pharaoh Emeraldis? Beware however, as a band of tomb robbers are rumoured to be hiding within to steal the tomb's treasure...but at what cost?
If you wish to have a visual walkthrough of this attraction, a separate thread can be found here:

Old Frontier:
Old Frontier had been a bit of a mess before its revamp. The amount of space the area took up was unbelievable (almost a whole quarter of my park) and also I had quite a few 'rookie errors' to clear up on my mine train coaster, given it WAS the first coaster I ever built. This is how it looked before:

The original look for the area was a more alpine approach on the Western theme, given custom biomes didn't exist when I first started. The aim of the redevelopment was to make the area more like a mesa sort of environment with a little more spectacle.

General Outlook:
Like with Forbidden Dunes, this wasn't a complete redo, as quite a lot of the original buildings and scenery still remained. However, a new entrance was constructed at each end, each being unique from the other.

Galloper Express:
This was actually installed a while before work started on the revamp, however it certainly paved the way for a more "mesa" style look and feel, as well as helping me improve on my set building. The theme for this ride speaks for itself, as you take an out of control ride through the canyons, while a wild gunfight rages around you.

This was of course drafted in immediately after the Magnificent Rides Collection was installed. ;) Every year, the town of Shrieking Mesa holds its annual rodeo competition. Saddle up and go for gold as you take on this wild ride!

Spectre 1852:
Standing tall over the mesa, Shrieking Peak is a sight not to be missed! The local mining company have just started up shop and are looking for passers-by to take on roles as miners, venturing into the mountain aboard Spectre 1852 - an ageing locomotive which mysteriously runs by itself! But be warned, as many believe this mountain was the last known location of a notorious outlaw and holds a very chilling legend. Dare you uncover the secrets of Shrieking Peak?
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