Adventure Pack new DLC coming soon!

The DLC's add nothing for the scenario/management player. Frontier has improved the game leaps and bounds since release, I am pleased in them adding a scenario editor and stuff. But right from the start it was never going to be a major management game. I am now starting to embrace the sandbox side of the games, so don't mind playing for additional stuff.

At the end of the day most DLC's are aimed at the more hard core fans, that's why the base game is often heavly discounted and DLC are rarely so. I own Parkitect but I am waiting till full release before playing the game.
While not officially called an Aztec or Egyptian themed update its so nice to have the pieces in game to make things in that style. Some very talented people have done it with other assets in game, but boy will this save on the parts count. Looking forward to the Asian themed parts in the future hopefully. Maybe in a free update as well.

I think it’s important to give the fans things they have been asking for since day one without having to pay extra every time. Maybe alternate between free and paid like Frontier did with Anniversary and this Adventure pack. Future is looking bright!
If you want more management play older RCT games or Parkitect. It seems every month Parkitect has new updates and bug fixes. But, Planet Coaster has the best graphics, and is overall better than the others even though it is lacking things right now like certain rides, waterpark things, etc.
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