Advice needed on coaster builds

Has anyone ever seen, or created a guide on how to make a good coaster? I'm not looking for how to actually build them in PC, but how to build good/realistic ones. In RCT3 I always downloaded "real" coasters, or used the pre-built ones in game. Now that the coaster builder is so much more flexible, I thought I'd have a go at my own. This has proved more challenging than I thought, as I only seem to make coasters that would kill the guests. As funny as this was the first time, I'd like to avoid that if possible :p
Can you show examples of something you've built? It will be easier to give critisism if we see what you've already done.

But you can always start by trying ot recreate an existing coaster's track and looking at pictures of it as you build it.
Best thing to do is look at real life coasters.

Watch videos on you tube, both POV and off ride.

The biggest thing I have seen from the mass of planet coaster creations is everything is so drawn out and massive.

If you looking to make a realistic coaster then you want to concentrate on shaping an pace as well as the layout.

Can have a great layout but if its got poor pace its not going to be fun. I'm sure others will come in with other ideas as
That's exactly the issue I've had. I'm great at creating coasters that someone's granny would like :p

Can you show examples of something you've built? It will be easier to give critisism if we see what you've already done.
Sadly, my attempts have been so feeble, that I've not kept any [sad] Poor forward thinking on my part. [redface]
I've had similar problems. I suggest you make one and do save it to share with us?

Some other suggestions:
- Try something smaller, the junior coaster for example. Keep it smaller and smooth
- a simple rule: watch your speed in the corners, banking helps but cant solve everything.
- Try to re-build a real coaster from a park near you
The junior coaster idea is good. Starting off small might be what I need.

I'd really like to have a go at Nemesis, but that might have to wait haha
Some general tips that I've found helpful in building coasters in any coaster building game:

Always graduate your heights throughout the coaster - try and make the next element (whatever it is) about 85% of the height of the previous element
bank every single corner, and the faster you want the corner to be taken the more you want to bank - this makes corners smoother and keeps speed up. Also faster corners will normally need a longer, more gradual bank so they don't snap straight to a 60 degree banking
bank into and out of elements the same way to smooth out to a straight run, and try to create a straight section (however big or small) in between changing banking direction
try and make any inversions have a fairly slow top out moment - the slowest point of the inversion should be the upside down part. Play with the element size (bigger to slow it down, smaller to speed it up)
loops in general can be entered at a fairly high speed, but corkscrews, barrel rolls and inline twists should be fairly slow so try to use those towards the end of the ride unless you combine them with half loops (cobra rolls, Immelmanns and dive loops
Block brake sections are a good way to slow your coaster down and give you a half way point that can then set your speed accordingly for the next sections

General tips for coaster types:

looping/inverted coasters tend to do better when the track kind of interlinks with itself, so switchbacks, tracks through the loop element, corkscrew over corkscrew etc. Try and avoid long straight sections that take the ride away from a central point

Hyper/giga coasters with no loops usually focus on air time, big hills and long corners, so these tend to run the opposite of looping coasters.

kiddie coasters tend to have the smallest footprint and usually stick to helixes and turns within turns. The track is also much shorter, usually only lasting 15 - 20 seconds a lap

As has been suggested look at real world examples and try to incorporate layout and pacing from them. Also it may be worth practicing with some generic real world coaster layouts and play around with how you get to and from each element:

Looping coaster: Lift hill > bank turn left/right to downhill > loop > air time hill > Cobra roll > air time hill > Immelmann/dive loop > bank curve to brake block ? downhill to corkscrew > left/right helix > corkscrew/inline twist /barrel roll > brake run > station

The biggest problem normally in custom coasters is speed and banking. Play around with the heights throughout the coaster to get a good handle on how to manage speed, then start focusing on banking in main corners, then banking into/out of elements if needed. A lot of it is trial and error

The good thing with Planet Coaster is you can have the coaster run in test phase while you build so you have a visual indicator as you're making things. Also I imagine things might become clearer once ride analytics are impemented fully
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Wow. Thanks Eddie, that's some very useful advice. Particular thanks for the tips on different coaster types.
Apologies, I didn't get back to you on this. Superb resource. Thanks.
It's a bank holiday weekend which means 3 days of PC. Woo!