African Animals Pack Dream vs Nightmare Scenarios

This is a follow up from my Dreams vs Nightmares scenarios, which I have done for the Australia pack on Reddit, and SE Asia on the Forums. I'm becoming increasingly confident that this will be the next dlc pack, which will be released on Tuesday, June 29th 2021. I didn't require this before, but please provide context for why you're picking the animals you are. This will also be a more generalized Africa pack, rather than something specific, such as "Southern Africa" or "Madagascar" themed. I feel like they'd probably go for that rather than something specific, but that's just a gut feeling (and hey, I was right about SE Asia being the next pack instead of it just being Asia). Also, I'm ordering my dreams list in order of priority, feel free to do the same.

Dream Scenario
  1. Southern White Rhino: When it comes down to the white vs black, I'd go with the white only because from what I can find, it's more common in captivity. Actually, I was surprised just how big the discrepancy is because it seems to be about a 10:1 ratio. I won't be upset if the go with the black over the white however.
  2. African (Cape) Penguin: Again, from what I can find it's the most common penguin species in captivity. It's also an endangered species, which I feel like boosts it's popularity for some, though it's not singularly important to me. It contrasts quite nicely to the King penguin that we already have because it does very well in warm climates, and can be kept outside year round in a fair amount of place. South Africa can also get decently cold so while they aren't going to be fine with extremes, they're still pretty hardy. And honestly, we really just need another penguin species.
  3. Meerkat: I'm not sure how much I really need to elaborate here. It's one of the top 10 quintessential zoo animals and it's absence has been felt since initial release. We do also just generally need more small mammals to fill in spots in our zoo.
  4. Fennec Fox: I'd also accept the bat-eared fox in this spot. I would ultimately choose the Fennec fox because it is more of a desert dwelling animal, and we are very much lacking in representation for that at the moment. I would also venture to guess that it's the more popular choice amongst the player base due to being in ZT2 and just generally being considered cute.
  5. Helmeted Guinea fowl: This animal has steadily risen from something I originally didn't care to have to something that I absolutely want. Not only is it a bird, which we are severely lacking in, but it is a bird that can be kept in very large numbers and comfortably alongside a number of other African species. In fact it seems to be quite common in shared African habitats across the world. It's also a unique looking ground bird, something you don't always see, especially when females in other species can look quite dull.
  6. Serval: I keep going back and forth with this and the caracal, but ultimately I just personally happen to like servals more. I really want a unique enrichment item that shows off the jumping abilities of servals, like a suspended cat feeder that hangs about 8 feet above ground, and they can jump and snag meat chunks off of it. We just got one small cat with the clouded leopard, but we need at least 1-2 more.
  7. Fossa: I didn't want to leave out Madagascar and since we have two lemurs already, I'd love a fossa to pair with them. It's a very unique animal that maybe some people don't know about, which I feel like is something Frontier likes to take into consideration. It would also fit quite nicely in a nocturnal house, alongside the fennec fox and serval.
  8. Veiled Chameleon: Chameleons are missing from PZ and I'd love to get one from an African dlc. There are a lot of options here, but since I think the go-to would be a tropical species from Madagascar, I decided to go against the grain and pick this desert dwelling species. They're also pretty neat looking.
Just missed out: African-gray-crowned crane, Olive baboon, Hamadryas baboon, Vervet monkey. Even an 8 animal pack isn't enough for Africa it seems! Not getting a single one of those primates is definitely not ideal, however I think if any type of animal was going to get it's own dedicated pack, it would be a Primates Animal pack with 7-10 new primates.

Nightmare Scenario
  1. White rhino
  2. Black rhino (I don't think we need two in the same pack)
  3. African leopard (Big cat over small cat doesn't appeal to me)
  4. Secretary bird (Don't really care for this one in particular, it doesn't fit into shared habitats well imo, pretty niche. I think it's just riding ZT2 nostalgia)
  5. Nile crocodile (Don't think I need to elaborate here)
  6. Meerkat (They have to include it. No ifs ands or buts about it. So it's on here for that reason only)
  7. Red river hog (This wouldn't be on here if we didn't get the babirusa, but we did, so I don't feel the need for two pig species back to back)
  8. Any snake or frog species from Africa. Since we still have no chameleons or geckos for instance, I'd much rather get one of those.
I can't decide. There are so many possibilities that I don't have a dream and a nightmare pack. Besides, I think we are getting both an African and a Desert pack with rhino and meerkat as the stars for each one (although they would release other packs in between). Time will tell.
I'd love to finally have an official leopard in game, but I understand your being against them since it's already been made quite well with mods. That being said I can't picture an Africa pack that doesn't include a leopard seeing how it's one of the Big Five (originally applied to hunted animals, but now also used for "favorite tourist animals".

I'd also love a Nile crocodile but that's another that could easily be added with mods from our current saltwater crocodile.

I love red river hogs, but that's another one that could be added by modders.

Your list seems to cover animals that I'd also find ideal because most of them couldn't easily be added by modders from existing models/rigs. I really hope we get fossa, you're right that they're incredibly unique!
My personal dream scenario would include (in rough order of preference):

1) Bat eared fox: These are the only canids I would really want to see; they are by far the most sociable of the foxes, have an appearance that is almost unique among this group and are kept in real mixed exhibits with all manner of animals including warthogs, aardvarks, ostriches and elephants. While I wouldn’t mind the fennec, I feel like it wouldn’t have the flexibility in use of a bat eared fox.
2) Wolf's mona monkey: I wouldn’t mind if the patas monkey or red capped mangabey came instead, but this monkey has a unique colour scheme and is often kept in mixed enclosures with species such as mandrills and gorillas. They are a rather small species, around the same size as the capuchin, so would be a very unique Old World monkey compared to the three more sizable species already in the game.
3) Southern ground hornbill: I was surprised by how commonly these birds are kept when I looked it up; they can be kept in walk-through enclosures and have been kept in mixed exhibits with various hoofed mammals. They are also rather sociable, living in groups of up to ten individuals, and live for up to seventy years in captivity which I feel is an important consideration.
4) South African springhare: These are a surprisingly large species (at around 1m total length and 3-4kg in weight, they are within the size bracket of the ring tailed lemur and capuchin monkey) that are often kept in mixed displays with aardvarks and would add the first rodent to the game; they could also provide another use for the kangaroo rig.
5) Grey crowned crane: These are among the most commonly-kept of all African birds in zoos and are frequently kept in both walk-through enclosures and mixed displays with other animals, particularly antelopes and giraffes. They are also an endangered species. Particularly important for these birds would be the inclusion of their courtship dance.
6) Striped hyena: These are fairly widespread in zoos and would, in my opinion, complete the required hyena representation. Although they would use the existing hyena rig they have enough behaviour to make them feel unique – especially the raising mane which almost doubles their size. They also have the widest habitat use of all the hyenas, able to use desert, grassland, temperate and tropical biomes.
7) Either black or white rhino: This is so low because it is the only animal I would truly expect in such a pack rather than a lower interest; both have their own quirks that make them desirable - the white is more commonly-kept, more sociable and is mixed with more species while the black is more threatened and inhabits a broader range of biomes. I am unable to choose between the two.
Exhibit) Snouted cobra: Wouldn’t mind seeing a Cape cobra or black mamba either; so far the DLC exhibit animals consist of a frog, lizard, turtle and insect with one arid, two tropical and one aquatic species. I would therefore like to see a snake from arid habitats – to me the snouted cobra, with its beautiful banded pattern and relative abundance in captivity, would be an excellent addition.

There are some animals that narrowly missed out – crested porcupine (although I’m not sure how easy the quills would be to animate), slender snouted crocodile (would feel like a good compromise crocodilian, slightly different from any other currently in-game), fossa, gerenuk, yellow backed duiker, red river hog and Egyptian goose all particularly spring to mind.

Species that are neither a dream nor a nightmare:
- Meerkat - The main reason I would want a meerkat is to get confirmation that other very small habitat animals (such as tree squirrels, rabbits and small mustelids) that I am more interested in could also potentially have a chance of being released as DLC.

My nightmare scenario would include (in rough order of how much I would dislike it):
1) Dromedary camel: I have no interest in seeing a domesticated species added in a pack like this. Same goes for animals like ankole cattle and African pygmy goats.
2) African leopard: I would rather see an Asian leopard subspecies. If a cat had to be included, I would rather it be something small like a serval or even a sand cat.
3) Very similar species: In this sort of pack, I would have no appetite for something like a Rothschild's or Masai giraffe, a mountain zebra, a Barbary macaque or a Somali ostrich.
4) Either Nile or dwarf crocodiles: As above, although like I said I would not be at all opposed to seeing the slender snouted crocodile.
5-6) Both species of African rhino: I would love one, but two would be overkill.
7) Hamadryas baboon: This is just personal preference; if we were to get a baboon or baboon-like monkey, I would rather get the Guinea baboon (the rarest), the olive baboon (one of the largest) or the gelada (which has a rather unique habitat among African primates).
Exhibit) Any species not kept in captivity: There's a lot to choose from that is kept, so I'm not overly worried about this one.
- Southern white rhinoceros (I know the black is more endangered, but since this is my personal dream scenario I'll go with white, as they're more common in zoos which is what I like in the game).
- Hamadryas baboon (the most unique of the true baboons - I'll be disappointed if we get the gelada, which is not a baboon).
- Southern ground hornbill (better another bird than another crocodile or monitor lizard or tortoise).
- Addax or Scimitar-horned oryx (both critically endangered desert antelopes, both with a large conservation focus; I'd take one or the other).
- Serval (small cats please!).
- Meerkat (obviously).
- Diana monkey (one of my favourite monkey species, very beautiful and unique).
- Parson's chameleon (we definitely need a chameleon now).

Also honourable mentions to; crested porcupine, red river hog, black-and-white colobus, caracal, bat-eared fox, and fennec fox. None of them are particularly important to me but I wouldn't complain about seeing them.

- Nile crocodile (I'd be furious, what a waste).
- Jackal (any species - I don't want another member of the Canis genus now, but foxes would be fine).
- Savannah monitor (again, we don't need any more monitor lizards).
- Giraffes, zebras, or the blue wildebeest (as others have said, Frontier can do better than that).
- No more elephants, either.
- African leopard (I want the Amur, or Persian).

I mean, it's hard to concoct a list of animals I'd absolutely hate. I'd be disappointed by the crocodile or the leopard or the jackal but not loathsome. I really don't want any more copy-paste for Africa, though.
Well, for right now, if they don't come any other way, my dream pack would be:

Meerkat - very iconic, heavily requested, and very popular and common in zoos. We know, there are going to be a difficult one to program. We also don't care. (well, we do, but not enough to excuse their omission). They're absolutely necessary.
Black/White Rhino - either would do. but an African Rhino is also iconic and necessary, as well as heavily requested.
Black Backed Jackal - I know, another canine. I love wild canids though and absolutely want a jackal in the game. This is my preferred species.
Cape African Penguin - I think we will see another penguin species, and this is my preferred pick. It's also different enough biome wise to provide some great variety from the King Penguin
Red River Hog - if the pack is the next one we get, we likely won't see another swine/porcine species, but they're one that I would definitely want in.
Crested Porcupine - These was middle range of my radar at first but now they're a top 10 want for me. A porcupine species would provide a very unique animal and give us our first rodent.
Fennec Fox - Another heavily requested animal and would provide some great variety to the game. Also like some of the others on this list, would be another desert animal, which even after some biome adjustments is still a rather small list.
(Exhibit) Leopard Tortoise - I honestly don't really care that much which exhibit animal we get but this seems like a nice smaller non-habitat tortoise to get.

I realize that if Africa is next, this won't be the pack we get. There's 2 we'd darn well better get, another 1 that we definitely should, and maybe either the penguin or porcupine, or both if I'm extremely lucky. Still, this is my dream list. if Africa comes later down in the road and we get some of these animals in other ways, my next picks would definitely be some of the bigger wading or ground oriented birds.

Nightmare list:

Both Black and White rhinos. As other mentioned, we absolutely should get one, but getting two in one pack would be a bit much.
Masai Giraffe - I've mentioned them as a want before, but maybe on down the road, or if Africa is later on in the release schedule. For right now, they would not be welcomed by me.
Impala - I honestly feel like we've been given way too many African antelope or antelope type species as it is, this is honestly the last thing I'd like to see in a pack. I chose the impala specifically because I think they're well known enough to be picked over many of them.
A second antelope species (there's a ton to choose from ) - The only thing I'd like to see less in this pack than one antelope? Two of them.
Nile Crocodile - Maybe one day way down the line and yes, it's iconic, but we can definitely use the saltwater crocs for replacements for now. Just...not needed.
Olive Baboon - I know there's a lot of requests for them, but I can do without another African primate. Hamadryas would be almost as bad but as least they look different enough.
Exhibit animal - I honestly don't care that much, but I'd very much not like to see another spider or centipede.

(more to the point of the above...No meerkat is basically a nightmare pack for me.)

Adding a thought to this. As of right now I'm neutral on the African Leopard. I'd really like either An African or Amur Leopard, but if we get one of the two, the other is just not needed, at least for 3-4 years of content (though I doubt we'll get content that long)
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Dream scenario:
  • White rhino (or black rhino)
  • Meerkat
  • Fennec fox
  • African crowned crane
  • Eland
  • Caracal
  • Red river hog
  • Fossa

Would also like to see guinea fowl, secretary bird, caracal, impala, gerenuk, greater kudu, hartebeest, colobus monkey or gelada.

Frontier does an amazing job of every animal they include, so I’d be thrilled with any other inclusion, honestly. I would love to have another three African packs, based on regions. I would be disappointed by:
* new giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, crocodile or elephant species
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Another one of these, eh? At this point in time I'm not even sure, to be honest... let's see, maybe:
  1. Aardwolf
  2. Caracal
  3. Crested Porcupine
  4. Gerenuk
  5. White Rhino
And it's around this point I ran out of must haves... the last two could be any of the following really:
  • Bat-Eared Fox
  • Bontebok or Hartebeest
  • Coquerel's Sifaka
  • Fennec Fox
  • Fossa
  • Greater Kudu
  • Grey Crowned Crane
  • Hamadryas Baboon
  • Honey Badger
  • Meerkat
  • Red River Hog
  • Secretary Bird
  • Somali Wild Rear End
  • Probably quite a few more actually...
That would be my Dream List more or less... as for the Nightmare List... I dunno... a bunch of literal reskins I guess...
I REALLY WANT BOTH RHINOS IN THE GAME the one that doesn’t make it better make it in another pack later.... with that said:


1.White or Black Rhino- we should only have one for the African animal pack because it will negate another African species from making it in the game. But I really hope we get both eventually. Maybe in an endangered species pack for the black rhino or something. I just love both species and need them in my game!

2. Meerkat- it’s obvious they’re missing from the game. An important animal as it would add more small mammals to the game . Hope they have some burrowing enrichment or something

3. Fennec Fox- Adds a small canid, a Fox, and another desert biome animal all things we really need.

4. Caracal- between the Serval and the Caracal I’m team Caracal because it’s a more unique looking cat to me and it inhabits a wider range and biome than the serval

5. Fossa - I agree we need the Fossa to round out Madagascar. I also personally need it for an interactive African islands habitat so I also have skin in the game! 😂

6. Ratel- I love the honey badger and a mustelid would be dope for the game. I want them and the wolverine eventually as well

7. African Grey Crowned Crane or Secretary Bird- I love them and want them both. Personally I want the secretary more but I also wanna mix in grey crowned crane to my savanna exhibits

8. Naked mole rat- what a cool idea it would be to have colonies of these guys in our zoos! I need small mammal exhibits

honorable mentions:

Leopard- Used to be against it but the amount of requests for them can’t go unnoticed forever

Baboons- Hamadryas, Olive, and Gelada would all be cool and I wish we had more slots in this pack... it’s tough

Porcupine- small mammal and we need one eventually

Gerenuk- really unique antelope species

Scimitar Oryx and Addax- both of them are also desperately needed in this game I hope we get a deserts pack or something to flesh out the desert roster

Dromedary- another highly requested and needed animal

African Spurred Tortoise- love these guys and hope we get them one day (deserts pack)


Basically a pack with more than two copycats (by copycat I mean another zebra, giraffe, etc) I would love these species in the game, but with the limited slots we get we need biodiversity and leave the clones to modders
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I highly doubt the next DLC will be an only animal DLC. Doesn't make sense commercially. I also think since the African DLC will contain highly requested animals, it will be the LAST DLC to be released.

Release date June 29th doesn't make any sense. Sorry.
I already posted a list about the African DLC, I belive that nothing has changed.

Dream DLC
1. White rhinoceros (They are social, can be kept in the mixed Savannah habitats and have a nice conservation history. But I wouldn't mind if it would be a Black rhino, in a real zoo I would prefer it over the white.)
2. Meerkat (I still dislike that they are kept soo often by zoos, but that's the reason why I want to see them in Planet Zoo. They are too common to be left out of the game! I would really be ok with an other mongoose species too, like yellow or banded, if this would change anything with size problems.)
3. African penguin (I still think this is a must. It's interesting in a educational point, most people still think penguins only occur in the Polar regions. With this species I really hope that Frontier would implement a cave "enrichment", which you would need to successfully breed the species.)
4. Coquerel's Sifaka (Madagascar is definitely a region that needs attention. So I would welcome any new lemur species that is kept in zoos, but Sifakas are among my favorite species. I also wouldn't mind if we would get a crowned sifaka, but belive that maybe we would have the same issues as with the Giant otter, for it being less cute that the other species.)
5. Fossa (an other Madagascan species, which is really unique. The other Madagascan carnivores are amazing too, but are much rarer to be found and would maybe be too small for the game.)
6. Monkey (there are a lot to choose from, but I would be happy with almost any. Colobus, baboon, guenos, mangabeys,...)
7. Unsure about this one, but could be a carnivorian (serval, caracal, bat-eared fox, fennec) or an even-toed ungulate (red river hog, forest buffalo, impala, gerenuk, bontebock, waterbuck, eland, kudu,...), an bird would also be an option (shoebill, secretary, crowned cranes, ground horbills, guinea fowls, some storks). Definitely too many species to choose from!)
8. Panther chameleon (an other Madagascan species! They are completely absent from the game at the moment and I would be really interested in how Frontier implements the color changes.)

Nighmare pack:
-Both African rhinos (I don't think we need them both in the same pack)
-Vulture (I really like them and know that some zoos keep clipped birds, but it's not something I want to see. Although I really hope to see them in an avian pack.)
-Massai giraffe (I would be OK with an reskin species, but not sure if I would choose an other giraffe. I mean, a lot of people aren't aware of the different species and specially their conservation status, but I would chose something different.)
-Nile crocodile (I would be OK if this would be a freely implemented species, but definitely not something I want to pay for.)
-Afrian leopard (I wouldn't be too angry if we would get one, but I really hope for an Asian species in an East Asia pack.)

But I really hope than Africa will receive at least two different DLCs.
My dream pack is nearly identical to yours, @Bearcat9948. But, I'd replace the Veiled Chameleon with the Panther Chameleon, my favorite species and giving us a 2nd ambassador from Madagascar.

*(Baboons were 9/10 away from replacing the Serval, but I thought about it and believe that a true small cat would be better)

My nightmare pack would be:

Only "clone" animals. While I wouldn't mind having a 2nd Giraffe/Zebra/Crocodile, if the majority if the pack is reskins, I'd be disappointed. And what I mean by reskin is that the animal behaves exactly the same as another species but jas a different look. I don't want a JWE here, where most of the large carnivores behaved almost identical
My dream would be african birds like spurwinged goose, a guineafowl and a groundhornbill and then madagascar fauna like Fossa, crowned lemur and panther chameleon.
My nightmare would be another mammal exclusive (not counting exhibit) dlc. Basegame gave us.. a lot of mammals. And 3 dlcs have been like this. A huge bummer for people like myself who is a big fan of birds and reptiles.
My dream would be african birds like spurwinged goose, a guineafowl and a groundhornbill and then madagascar fauna like Fossa, crowned lemur and panther chameleon.
My nightmare would be another mammal exclusive (not counting exhibit) dlc. Basegame gave us.. a lot of mammals. And 3 dlcs have been like this. A huge bummer for people like myself who is a big fan of birds and reptiles.
I definitely get that's frustrating. But to be fair, the majority of big habitats and even larger sized "exhibits" at zoos display mammals. If we had an aviary system it would be different, because aside one or two species of bats, birds would be needed to fill those. If we had aviaries in place and an African Animal pack would have potential to add more aviary birds, a lot of people's lists would probably change. The good news is that if we do eventually get this pack (and I definitely think we will) I'd be on at least two birds. I think the Cape penguin is the ideal next penguin species for them to add, and then you could see the helmeted guinea fowl like I want, or maybe something like a shoebill (a very popular request), saddle-billed stork etc.

I probably wouldn't want more than 2 habitat birds however, and definitely no habitat reptiles, because that would basically either be a crocodilian (big no thanks) or a monitor lizard, which we already have one from Africa.

Also, as far as uniqueness goes, @Cynogale bennettii wins hands down! Part of why I like doing this thought experiment.
As I've already said, I’m also pretty sure we’ll have an « African » Animal pack for this summer. All DLC have a common point with the season when they release. However, it’s still so strange to don’t have an african rhino specie (it was my first surprise on the vanilla game release). So indeed, I’m 95% convinced we’ll get this pack next !

Personnaly, I would love Meerkat (of course), Secretary Bird (a classic), Saddle-billed Stork (look at this beauty, not so known bird and could increase a bit the number of « non flying » the birds ingame), White Rhinoceros (so beautiful with its long horn), Cape Porcupine (could be so original !!) Fennec Fox (cutie), Baboon (imo we have enough primates, but it’s hard to make an african DLC without one primate specie) and one Gecko specie (Gold Dust Day Gecko is one of the cutest, but there is also African Fat-Tailed Gecko or Common Flat-Tailed Geck... There is the choice and there are sooo cute. It could, personnaly, increase my vivarium interest. But Chameleon specie could also be cool). I think there are enough felines in the game IMO. But why not Serval.

Bearcat, I've never thought about African Cape Penguin, Helmeted Guinea fowl or Fossa but this would be great addition too ! In any case, I would love to have at least two new bird species because birds of Africa are trully amazing... Contrary to you, I would like the Red river hog ! In french, we call it "Potamochère", and it's a freaking funny name ! I love their funny gentle faces.
I think the only thing missing to your list is a Porcupine. But we can't have everything :/ ...

I would love to have 10 animals for this pack, even if it's a bit more expensive ! My trully dream would be a huge African animal pack (because it's really hard and annoying to reduce a huge continent with a so rich biodiversity to only 8 animals), with something around 15/20 species, like ZT2, around 20$ ! But we can always dream... :/ (sigh)...

My nightmare scenario would be two rhino species, another feline specie, dromedary, new clone Salwater Crocodile specie, every other subspecie from an existing one !
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I highly doubt the next DLC will be an only animal DLC. Doesn't make sense commercially. I also think since the African DLC will contain highly requested animals, it will be the LAST DLC to be released.

Release date June 29th doesn't make any sense. Sorry.
Could you explain why you think that please ?
Could you explain why you think that please ?

They just released an animal pack. It doesn´t make sense (at least to me) to release another only animal pack.

Planet Zoo have shown to us they offer, at least now, 3 kind of DLCs: regional 4+1 + all pieces, regional only animals, new features (deep diving) 4+1.

In addition to that, I´m pretty confident an African DLC is the most awaited DLC: as you pointed out, the missing white Rhino in the base game is striking. That´s why I think they will "save" it for the last DLC to finish Planet Zoo development.

Release date 29th June: no way. There´s been NO DLC in the history of Planet Zoo that was released exactly 3 months after the previous one (I´m not counting the Arctic one, as this DLC was designed along the base game). Also, we can clearly see in the current DLC that it was kinda rushed and perhaps 3-4 weeks of extra development would have made an easier release: missing babirusa sign, the original bintuwrong, SO many bugs in the game,... but Easter happens when it happens, as we all know.

We are talking more comfortably between 4-5 months.
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