After reloading SRV turret, the turret wont fire

After using up all the ammo (0/0) and re-arming the SRV (2000/0) the turret wont fire, I have pips in weapons, tried creating more firing groups, deactivated and reactivated the turret, still wont fire, and Im not aiming in the no fire zone. Im pretty sure Im not missing something and that this is a bug, another problem is reloading any further past 2000 it doesnt show (2000/2000) but rather (2000/0) basically disappearing. Any advice would be appreciated.
Not encountered but I imagine it is a bug like the powerplay weapons not reloading.

I'd suggest try docking with the ship and see if that refills the ammo. Probably also worth putting it on the bug report thingy.

Sorry I can't give you a better answer.
Why are you doing FDs QA work for them?
Why are you paying them to do it?
Why are you posting this in discussion and not the Odyssey sub forum?
Why do the mods not seem to give a used banana any longer?
Why am I bothering to read this?

PS : the banana has to be green to work well...
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