Ah, so now it becomes clear...

Yes, I'm hoping that what they learn in the other games can be transferred to ED. People walking around stations and atmospheric planets etc.
It does seem that there is surely some cross over between landing on ELW's and both Planet Zoo and JWE from a creating an environment point of view.

Not that I have played either mind you..
"From the creators of planet coaster and zoo tycoon...."
Planet Zoo, clearly the brainstorming session for the name finding must have been brimming with creativity.
Enter another park sim then, thought they may have had something different up their sleeves this time.
Think I've spotted why we have to wait two years for an update ;)
It takes two years to bring us space legs and actual Thargoids, just think how many assets have to be created! The mind boggles! Also the quality, we don't want to be getting trapped down a hole or stuck clipped to a wall! I guess we will still have to launch no-legs version whenever we get stuck in leg mode
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