Alec's Buckyball discography

Generally, whenever I take part in a Buckyball race I like to video one of my runs and set it to some music. Turns out I've got well over a year and a half's worth of these now so I thought I'd gather them all in one place and thereby present a brief history of my involvement in Buckyball racing.

Buckyball Run 6: It's a matter of style, you can't fake it!


One of the early ElectricZ Buckyball runs. A checkpoint race around STF 1774, LP 131-66, Wolf 359 and Agartha in which I managed to come 51st (wow, we used to have a lot more competitors in those days! where did you all go?).

What was interesting about this one was that my ancient PC didn't support video capture so I had to resort to something a little more, ahem, primitive!

Buckyball Run A*: What do you do when a mountain is there? Move it.


This was EZ's original Sagittarius A* Buckyball Run (subsequently taken over by the Buckyball Racing Club). I did my run on the 28th March 3301 in an Asp Explorer named The Wedding Anniversary (it was actually my wedding anniversary so massive hugs to Mrs Turner for not divorcing me there and then). I managed it in 15hrs 22mins. Can't recall exactly what position I came in but it wasn't bad at the time ... terrible now (I think I'm well out of the top 50). Still no video capture so I made this one out of hundreds of screenshots taken along the route.


Music by Geoff Muldaur (from the Terry Gilliam Brazil soundtrack).

Buckyball Racing Club presents: Mischief Mile


With Buckyball racing under new management by the Buckyball Racing Club following the temporary retirement of founder ElectricZ, this race, organised by Cmdr Rusticolus, celebrated the Fuel Rats by flying through their home system of Fuelum. It also permitted the use of in-flight refuelling (handy since the rules required a small tank and no fuel scoop) which led to a moment of glorious embarassment when I had the honour of refuelling Ed Lewis on a livestream, accidentally transferred ALL my fuel to his ship and then had to be rescued by the Fuel Rats.

From the video description: After a week of racing, less than 18hrs remain before the event closes. After a brief spell in the number one spot, I've been officially knocked into 2nd place and in practice I know I've slipped a lot further down the leader-board. With instancing problems causing me to abandon limpet refueling techniques I've been forced to attempt one last desperate station refueling run in order to try and regain my winning position...


Music by The Fields of Nephilim.
Final placing: 9th

Buckyball Racing Club presents: Turbo Hour


A brilliantly technical race this one since it involved doing as many laps of the circuit as possible in under an hour. Hosted by Cmdr furrycat it also had the option of playing a joker card by doing a shieldless run without repair for an additional time bonus, the question then being, how many times can you take off and land, under race conditions, without screwing the pooch?

Final placing: 5th

Buckyball Racing Club presents: 'The Wasat Cup"' Buggyball


My first SRV race, starting from Elwood Camp on Wasat A2 E and finishing 50km away at Ferguson Prospect. A terrific SRV run hosted by Cmdr Kligg and one that I'd thoroughly recommend people having a go at (even tho' the official race is now over). You could even try and beat some of the times in the final scoreboard over in the linked thread. My final time was 30m 59s which earned me 7th place.


Music courtesy of the Stone Roses.

Buckyball Racing Club presents: Secret Scramble Mid Week Madness


One of the early Mid Week Madness races, these are short duration events run over a 3 or 4 day period to fill in the BRC calendar and give racers something to do in between the main events. Secret scramble (another Kligg race) required some last minute route planning as competitors had to put together a route around any 6 of the 12 possible stations at fairly short notice. My Imperial Courier, named The Bottle Of Smoke, eventually managed a 21m 50s run which earned 5th place.

Buckyball Racing Club presents: Total Recall


The was the 2nd of my own races (the first being the Bump'n'Grind Outpost Dash) and required racers to land at 4 separate settlements - deploying the SRV, driving 5km away, recalling and then boarding their ship before flying on to the next one. Prohibited from entering my own race I did however complete a "demonstration run".


Music by Lemon Interrupt (an Underworld Pseudonym).

Buckyball Racing Club presents: The Bucky Files - Case of the Missing Comet


A fascinating race hosted by Cmdr Ozric which involved doing two laps of the 6 stations that circle each other in the extraordinary Pareco system (well worth visiting if you haven't already been). I actually managed to win in the Shieldless Stock Sidewinder class which I believe was a first for me!

Buckyball Racing Club and Elite Racers present: Old World Hustle


Based around the "old worlds" of Lave, Diso, Orerve, Riedquat, Tionisla and Uszaa this race, organised by Cmdr furrycat, combined traditional Buckyball elements with an Elite Racers style loop around the back of each station prior to docking. Despite finishing in a somewhat disappointing 9th place I really enjoyed this one and the loops added some extra excitement to my final race video.


Music by Fischerspooner.

Buckyball Racing Club presents: 4001 a Space Odyssey


Organised by Cmdr Markzx59, this 2001 themed race involved landing at a number of locations based on sites from the original film. As well as two orbital stations this introduced the notion of touching down at specific co-ordinates on three planetary surface locations - a flat topped mountain in the middle of an ice canyon, a raised peak in the middle of a crater and the location of what used to be a huge vertical sided monolith on Altais 2B, now "mysteriously" disappeared. A brilliant learning experience for fast navigation to specific planetary co-ordinates, this resulted in possibly my favourite Buckyball video (partly due to the use of one of my all-time favourite pieces of music).

Final placing: 3rd


Music by Explosions In The Sky.

Buckyball Racing Club presents: Heavy Metal Megadeth


Another race by Markzx59, Heavy Metal Megadeth required participants to make a speed landing on Omicron Capricorni B A4, an interesting challenge given that A4 is a 4G world. For those of us unfamiliar with landing on high-G worlds some expensive lessons were quickly learned. I managed 7th place in the regulation Hauler class and 3rd in Open Unlimited. I also discovered that my music collection is sadly deficient in good heavy metal tracks and therefore had to resort to a liberal sprinkling of metal umlauts to bring my Britpop track selection up to scratch.


Music courtesy of Blur.

Buckyball Racing Club presents: Kick the Alien (and run like hell)


The 4th of my own races (the 3rd being "Total Recall 2" which I didn't make a video for), this was a 26km SRV race that required participants to drive from the Noctrach-Ihazevich Research Facility (on planet 9A in the Pleiades Sector AB-W B2-4 system) down to the site of the nearby Alien shipwreck and back again. Heavily publicised, this event attracted over 30 competitors, ran for two weeks and was eventually won by Cmdr Nookie Mr.Smith from the Candy Crew guild. This video was used for demonstration purposes.


Music by Underworld.

Buckyball Racing Club presents: Swoop 'n' Scoop


The first race of 3303, this was a midweek madness event hosted by furrycat where pilots had to fly from the Forward Horizons planetary base in the Orrere system down to the site of the Anaconda shipwreck on planet 2B, scoop up one of the spilled cargo canisters and then return to the Guin Survey planetary base. As well as testing the pilots ability to accurately gauge orbital cruise trajectories for optimum speed, the scooping part of the race (which could be done in the SRV) allowed pilots to practice the art of scooping cargo directly from the ground using smaller ships. The race was won (surprise surprise) by Cmdr cookiehole while I claimed my traditional mid-table result, coming 6th out of 12. An excellent start to the new year.


Music by Mogwai.

Buckyball Racing Club presents: Tunnel Vision


The first of my own races this year, Tunnel Vision required pilots to fly from Leopold Heckmann Ring in Malaikudi, buzz its Imperial capital ship dock, fly through the tunnels at three separate scientific/military installations and then finish at Evans Port in Parutis, again buzzing its Federal capital ship dock before landing. Bonus times were awarded according to number of tunnels completed and also for tackling the course in a larger ship. This turned out to be very successful and resulted in a wide variety of ship types on the final leaderboard. The race was won by Cookiehole (natch) and attracted a lot of competitors. This was the demonstration video.


Music courtesy of Tricky.

Buckyball Racing Club presents: The Aquarian Job


A combined ship and SRV race hosted by AkenBosch, loosely based around the "Italian Job", which required pilots to fly to a planetary base in Chi Hercules and then on to a planetary landing 8km away from the settlement in 241 G. Aquarii. From there we had to get into our SRV, drive to the settlement, scan its beacon, drive 5km away, recall our ship and return to the start line in Epsilon Indi. The wonderfully varied terrain around the settlement meant that choice of a good landing spot was paramount in determining the optimum route for the 8km SRV journey (the most exciting of which involved a canyon jump followed by a steep cliff edge drop down towards the base). The race was won by (you guessed it) cookiehole although I'm proud to say I finally managed to give him a pretty good run for his money, eventually coming 2nd in both classes. I made two videos, one covering Cmdr Jak's SRV run down to the settlement and the other featuring one of my own.



The Lavecon Buckyball Race


A short multi-stage ship race which was hosted live in the LAN room throughout the weekend at Lavecon 2017. Pilots started at Renenbellot Market in Woloniugo then had to fly to (and land at) Cady City in No Chianga, Cartan Station in K'uanele and finish at Haignere Ring in LTT 12294. Each pilot was allowed a short test flight from the finish line back to the start in order to get used to the controls.

Ultimately we had 32 commanders take part over the course of the weekend who's scores were recorded on the following high tech scoreboard.

The following video was made as a combined trailer and training video for the event.


Music by The Prodigy.

Buckyball Racing Club presents: Armed and Dangerous


A ship race hosted by Edelgard von Rhein which required pilots to fly between two of the "armed" Coriolis starport variants at Viete Colony in the Koine system and Bushkov Dock in Borovii via Tesla Dock in Gandza and Crick Orbital in Osermians. The race could be run in either direction. The race was eventually won by cookiehole in the Adder special class and Aken B. in the Unlimited class (I managed to scrape 6th and 7th respectively). I made two videos, a short trailer for the event and then a video of one of my runs.



Music by The Early Years.

Buckyball Racing Club presents: Prison Brake


A thrilling high-speed planetary landings race hosted by AkenBosch which started at Kelleam Ring in the Slink's Eye system and then required competitors to land (illegally) on the pads of 3 different prison colonies (Bailey Penal Colony in the Ekhi sytem, Hume Penal Colony in the Atagat system and Barcelo Penal Colony in Epsilon Indi) before flying back to Kelleam Ring again. As well as the landings themselves (which were an absolute anarchy of kamikaze dive-bombings) the race featured Mitterand Hollow for the first time. It was eventually won by cookiehole in both classes (he's basically become unbeatable by this point) with yours truly managing to take 5th place in Unlimited. I have two videos of this event, a blooper reel video of some of my heavy landings and then my first attempt at a split-screen video featuring the top 4 Unlimited class times.



Music courtesy of Underworld (again)

Buckyball Racing Club presents: Fat Tony's Festival of Racing (30 September - 15 October 3303)


A set of three separate races organiser by Cmdr Raiko including a short "Station Scramble" around 5 stations inside the bubble, a longer range "Bubble Tour" incorporating 2 asteroid bases, and the "Wasat Rally", a 50km SRV race from Elwood Camp to Ferguson Prospect. These courses could be raced individually or in combination (with no repairs allowed) in order to qualify for the "Ironbucky Trophy". I managed to come 3rd in the Ironbucky Trophy (no prizes for guessing who won) and posted two videos. The first was the SRV section of my Ironbucky Trophy run and the second was a faster run of the Wasat Rally (my personal best over the much loved Elwood-Ferguson course with one mid-way repair).

Music by Factory Floor

Music by Franz Schubert

The #FX17 2017 Buckyball Race


A short "there and back again" ship race which was run live on the Frontier Expo 2017 show stand and was officially sanctioned by Frontier Developments. Loosely based on the "Old World Hustle" race, it required pilots to fly (in a specially prep'd Cobra Mk III) from Shifnalport in Diso to Lavoisier Dock in Riedquat and then back to Shifnalport again but also required them to perform a loop around each station before landing. We had over 65 competitors take part throughout the day on a mixture of PC, PS4 and XBOX platforms. The final winner was Cmdr Alex Brentnall with a time of 8 minutes and 47 seconds. I made the following as a combined trailer and training video for the event.

Music courtesy of The John Spencer Blues Explosion

Buckyball Racing Club presents: The Medevac Memorial Challenge


The first race to be hosted by Cmdr Perseus Tacitus, the Medevac Memorial Challenge was themed around a medical emergency training op' and tested a wide variety of different racing skills including classic Buckyball supercruise station approaches, SRV and space bound cargo collection, high-speed planetary landing approaches, installation tunnel navigation and, for those pushing the envelope, white dwarf FSD supercharging. I managed to come 1st in the regulation Dolphin class and 3rd in the experimental class (which was won by Samwell Drakhyr). I made two videos, a role played short film of one of my "experimental" Type 6 runs and the other a speeded up video of my winning Dolphin run.

Music by Explosions in the Sky

Music by Dan Deacon

Buckyball Racing Club presents: Chicken Run


The first race (I think) to be hosted by Cmdr Ashnak, Chicken Run was a high-g landing challenge requiring its pilots to collect one Crystalline Sphere (the "egg") from Snow Moon in the Bento system and then land at 6 planetary bases of ever increasing gravity with the option to "chicken out" at any point after the first two with an 8 minute time penalty for each missed station. There was also a "Shieldless Suicide" bonus option. Featuring both Open Unlimited and Healthy Hauler classes the race has 16 entrants and was eventually won by Cmdrs Bruski (Unlimited) and Ozric (Hauler). I came 5th in the Unlimited class and made the following video from one of my runs.

Music by System Seven

Buckyball Racing Club presents: The Galaxy's End: A Buckyball Pub Crawl


A longish distance, pub-crawl themed space race by Cmdr Raiko which required pilots to set off from the BRC's home station of Rebuy Prospect in the Fullerene C60 system carrying a pile of Buckyball beer mats and then take these to a mixture of space stations (where they had to be exchanged for booze) and space bar installations (where they had to be dropped off inside tunnels or next to billboards advertising Lavian Brandy). There were various additional time bonus challenges including flying through extra tunnels, flying with economy passengers and satisfying pirates demands with jettisoned beer mats. The race required some very careful route planning and also involved some particularly testing encounters with pirates at the Rahu installation. I REALLY enjoyed this race, competed all week long and eventually won the race in my DBX the Bananery Fandango. I also tried it in my "Wedding Anniversary" Asp Explorer (so I could carry sufficient cargo to satisfy the Rahu pirates) and recorded the following video of that run.

Music by Primal Scream

Buckyball Racing Club presents: Falling With Style (an SRV base-jumping festival)


One of my own races, this was an SRV challenge which involved landing on top of the mountain next to Smith Base in the Beta Sculptoris system, deploying the SRV within specified co-ordinates and then "base-jumping" off the mountain and driving to any one of the garages back down at Smith Base. There were also additional challenges for highest speed and altitude attained during a run as well as a freestyle video challenge for pulling assorted stunts during the race. A total of 25 people took part in the race with Cmdr Raijiin presenting the winning time of 4 mins of 45 seconds (average times were around the 10 minute mark while some people took over half an hour to complete their descent). I eventually made three videos for the race, one a straight demonstration run, one as a freestyle demonstration and one of some of the shenanigans that took place during a live event in which competitors had to chase and collect at least one of the cannisters that were sent tumbling down the mountain at the start.

Music by Leftfield

Music by Factory Floor

Music by Miles Davis

The Buckyball Racing Club presents: Triangle Triathlon


Fantastic race from Edelgard Von Rhein which consisted of four stages, a 20km SRV race to the given coordinates at the bottom of a nearby crater and then three separate sections involving deploying and flying a ship launched fighter through a military installation tunnel, the habitation ring of an Imperial capital ship and the entrance tunnel to a ringed surface base. The race was won by Cmdr Darplata94 in the unlimited class and by Cmdr Nezerroth in the regulation Keelback class, with myself coming 4th and 5th respectively. This is the video from one of my unlimited runs (flying a Krait).

Music by Four Tet

Truckers up Teide - the In Game Challenge! 11th November


An all-day in-game mountain climbing event co-hosted with the Hutton Truckers in aid of their charity bicycle ride up Mt Teide in Tenerife.


Music by the F--- Buttons

The Pomeche Ridge Challenge: a standing SRV time trial in association with the Buckyball Racing Club


A standing 65km long time trial challenge devised by yours truly which involves racing an SRV along one of the narrow ridges which cover the surface of Pomeche 2C.


Music by Mogwai


Music by Klaus Schulze

The Buckyball Racing Club presents: The Wiccan Ware Race, 12–22 January 3305


A race created by Jay Fox involving high-speed cargo running around a relatively short series of stations and outposts.


Music by Xploding Plastix
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I also discovered that my music collection is sadly deficient in good heavy metal tracks and therefore had to resort to a liberal sprinkling of metal umlauts to bring my Britpop track selection up to scratch.
I can resolve that for you.

Give me your rough flavour of favoured metulz, and I'll give you some appropriate headbanging material.


Added Armed and Dangerous, The Lavecon Buckyball Race and Prison Brake.

P.S. please leave the thread open if possible as I still have a few more to add yet.
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I can resolve that for you.

Give me your rough flavour of favoured metulz, and I'll give you some appropriate headbanging material.

LOL, OK well I just checked my iTunes library (which has over 12,500 tracks in it) and of the 3253 tracks with a 5-star rating I have 10 with a genre of "Metal". These are the Elizium album by Fields of the Nephilim (and yes, if you're about to argue that's hardly metal, I'd agree with you) plus "Hey Mister" by "Miss May I" (who my daughter dragged me to see when she was about 16 - and who also got me involved in a circle pit by the same at Reading!) plus a Rage Against The Machine cover of Maggie's Farm.

You know what I'd love to see. A map of the history of Buckyball races with the jump lines showing the different races.

Not sure if it's possible or whatever but it'd be a cool promo image.
As it happens I do have a way to get edts to plot routes.

To do it properly we'd need to decide on the canonical ordering for races which give you a choice, then list out all the systems.

Sample image with BBR 6, Turbo Hour, Mischief Mile, Old Worth Hustle, Heavy Metal Megadeth and Tunnel Vision:

We can (and should) tweak the camera position and colours too.
As it happens I do have a way to get edts to plot routes.

To do it properly we'd need to decide on the canonical ordering for races which give you a choice, then list out all the systems.

Sample image with BBR 6, Turbo Hour, Mischief Mile, Old Worth Hustle, Heavy Metal Megadeth and Tunnel Vision:

We can (and should) tweak the camera position and colours too.
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