Alec's Buckyball discography

Okaaay... How do I find out where these take place?



Edit found it
Hi Susanna, as Ashnak has mentioned we have a website at where we try to maintain a diary of past and future races. We also have our own forum thread (which you've discovered) where we will also no doubt mention new races but where we also chat generally about the racing club, discuss new race ideas and generally banter. Lastly I (and several others) will change our forum signatures to a banner for the current race once its own forum thread has been created (typically from the week leading up to a race).

Cmdr Azzie Elbub is hosting the next race which is called "Chicken Run" and is scheduled to start on Feb 24th.

See you there hopefully!
Popped in here to archive the OP before the forums burn but while I was here I've just added brief entries for Truckers Up Teide, The Pomeche Ridge Challenge and The Wiccan Ware Race.
What was the Nephilim track you used? It won't play the video where I live.... Ican imagine "Dust", or "Reanimator" going well with a race :)
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