[ALLIANCE] [FEDERATION] [EMPIRE] [INDEPENDENT] Alekhine Defense Core [New Squadron Forming]

- Are they a squadron? No, Are they a group of pirates? No, Are they group of misfits? No. Okay so what is or are the Alekhine Defense Core? They are family. As time goes on more and more things chance in life some are left confused or even lost. Alekhine Defense Core takes those that are confused, lost or even alone. Assisting in areas that request, Alekhine Defense Core is not a normal bunch of said "mercenaries" they are a family with a goal and purpose that most have done but to what limits.

- Assisting in Aid, Power struggles rather it be PC or even NPC, Alekhine Defense Core arrives to assist. Smuggling of goods for a good cause or even needing escorts for mining materials, Alekhine Defense Core arrives to assist. Making sure there is someone willing to assist in traveling and discovering new places for mankind, Alekhine Defense Core arrives to assist.

- When someone asks What is Alekhine Defense Core, the answer is simple Family. For we can dislike our family members or love them to no end. There is one thing that is always certain...Family always has your back.

- CMDR: Zala Grasil

Audax Division [Combative Family]
- Those within the combative family or Audax Division work together in formations. In order to make sure no worries or harm come between their objective and those they are in charge of protecting.
Head of Family:

Vagari Division [Exploration Family]

- Those within the exploration family or Vagari Division work together in a strong network. In locating routes not explored or even safer from those wanting to ambush trade routes.
Head of Family:

Copia Division [Supply & Aid Family]
- Those within the supply & aid family or Copia Division work together in formation with others. In order to make sure supplies and aid are delivered to needed systems or even other commanders.
Head of Family:

- Looking for those willing to expand their horizon, enjoy time with others, have a common goal, working towards being able to assist and help others along the way. If you are wanting to join please email or even visit our site or discord.

EMAIL: alekhinedefensecore@gmail.com
Systems Currently On: PC
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