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News on Canonn discord (with info from reddit), a new planet settlement that has a green glow, has been found.

Nice work!
On my side i tried to drop near the unnamed location to get there in normal space but was dropped to desktop. Then i went to HIP 16753 where the second listening post is located. Unfortunately my ship was to slow. When you approach the listening point in FSD it becomes already obvious that the listening is moving. When you drop in on the listening post for whatever reason you come out in full reverse. I never even managed to get close enough to the listening post to start the scan and the listening post is moving with a higher speed than my ship when it boosts. Gave up for now and didn't try the third listening post in PLEIADES SECTOR OI-T C3-7.
Was on my way to Maia, but then I read on galnet that the thargoids are at Deciat, so i went back there, I cannot find them other than the destroyed cargo ship. So I am now heading to that new planetary outpost that was just found.
So is it not known? There is a attacked / crashed Anaconda in Hip 16613 at 1A -11/-95,67
Listeningposts in Pleiades sector ir-w d1-55, pleiades sector oi-t c3-7 and Hip 16753
I would seriously love to know how they (whoever they are) find these things (without probes) within hours of the servers going back up.
I've been following it as best as I can on Canonn Discord and it would seem they where found via listening posts. Another settlement has been found plus some more Thargoid Structures, the same way.

This is the second one, Scrump Landing
Pleiades sector JN-S B4-3
Planet 2

Not my findings, just sharing
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I found "Sharpe Works" via Listening Posts in Merope. Pleiades Sector HR-W D1-74 and Pleiades Sector KX-T B3-1

Pleiades Sector IC-U B3-1 planet 1
LON -4,95 LAT -85,7
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More listening post have been found, pointing to more settlements. I need to sleep so I can't update anymore. There's been 4 (a 5th is being scouted out now) so far. ALL via listening post for anyone that has doubts. Im sorry I can't update where the listening posts are but most (probably all of them) have been found in the pleiades.
Has anyone reported Relay Station PSJ-17 in Celaeno?

It's got a big Comms Installation. When Data link scanned it shows 3 hackable data transmitters and 6 audio logs.

I am collecting the audio logs now, but the system authority turns hostile pretty quick so it's in and out.

Nevermind. Already discovered. I have been mining the Ring at Celaeno 1 and I guess I just now noticed this place. :p sorry!
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Hmm.... I don't know if anyone has looked into this but the GalNet News article on the Thargoid Assault on Deciat System has an interesting quote:
[thargoid sites] have surged back to life, and that the star maps inside these structures are now pinpointing the Deciat system.
Have we established how to read the Thargoid Map Room yet?
I am about 12000ly from any thargoid site, so someone closer can maybe activate the map room and identify if a light in the map room "stands out" which would give us a fixed point of reference to decode the rest of the map?

I will probably head back soon to check it myself (but gotta find a UP again :rolleyes:)



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So far we have:

HIP 17403, planète A 4 A, -51.19 // 14.21
Research Base LV 8

HIP 19792, planète C 2, -24.70 // 6.55
Betterton Outpost

HR 1172, planète A 5 B, -0.25 // -67.67
Comms Facility 89563

HIP 19284, planète A 2 D, -19.06 // -99.45
Mining Facility, Site 94

HIP 16217 AB, planète 1 A, -54.99 // 30.33
Penal Colony BV-2259

Pleiades Sector IC-U B3-1, planète 1, -4.95 // -85,7
Sharpe Works

Pleiades sector JN-S B4-3, planète 2, -0.345 // 12.92
Scrump Landing

Pleiades Sector GW-W C1-15, planète 12 A, 5.55 // -115.70
Dominic's Corner

HIP 16613, planète 1 A, -11.0 // -95.6
Crashed Anaconda - Bug Killer

Pleiades Sector HR-W D1-17, planète A 1, 58.11 // 19.45
Research Base KG-3362
There is two settlements that talk about this "monument" I wonder what that is
You can hear it in the sounds when listening to the logs, it's either a Link, Probe, or Sensor - the mining foreman didn't know what it was so he called it a monument, but later in the logs when you hear it, sounds like they dug up one of those 3 unknown artefacts and it triggered to alert Thargoids.
zzzZZz..ehwhassat? Things are happening? I might rouse myself from my hibernation and venture out again...

I don't think we overlooked the map rooms, more like it wasn't possible to read them in any meaningful manner. If there is an indication of a specific star system, then I'm assuming we can use this to 'read' the maps now.
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