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Merope ... 5c... crater...
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jokes aside, the spectrogram within the thargoid probe audio does not reference 5c directly, it just hints at how the signal was to be interpreted. The spectrogram within the thargoid link audio, otoh, depicts Merope as a system but has nothing particular pointing to 5 c.
I can't remember exactly now, but I think the only in-game references to thargoid motherships are in one of INRA base and in JJ's logs
Right! Where the probes transmit to and the content it is transmitting are two different things. That would be like me turning to talk to a person, about the person to whom I'm speaking. There's very little context about that, unless we're discussing a bad decision that person made, or it is a self-help session. :p Indeed...I have no idea what the encoded messages are about, so I trust other's opinions or facts on that matter. I'm just more interested in where the transmissions are being sent to. The probes pointing to Merope while sending these messages, off system and point to 5C, when in system. I can only surmise it's either underground, or a listening post in low orbit over the system, which is, so far, not found.
Very informative! I wonder if the old Thargoid Imprint is working in the background, as someone mentioned. I was trying to make friends but took to killing them again, so I've probably reset. I would try to launch repair/ refuel limpets at them etc. lol

As I understood, the Thargoid Probes were regularly sending transmissions to Merope 5C, "to an unknown recipient," I think, is how Cannon worded it. Hence, why you have to park yourself in front of the probe to receive these sound bytes/ decodable data. Since Merope has been explored the hell out of, I wonder if whatever it is below the crust? I would say there's a hidden cave somewhere, but I think I recall someone saying that the game engine/ Stellar Forge was unable to generate those.
I’m dubious about any such claims unless said in an FD livestream by a responsible developer.

Edit: and Thargoid Structures (they're motherships!!! 🤓) are essentially “caves”, as are station interiors...
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