Alien archeology and other mysteries: Thread 10 - The Canonn

Not me... though I do note you could flog Thargoid Sensors (since that's the only thing which reportedly affects stations) from one anarchy faction, and deliver them via BM to another station in large quantities.

The UAs are the Thargoid Sensors. They have been re named since we now know what they are. You can go to one of the crashed ships and pick up the UAs now labeled as Thargoid Sensors.

So it should be changed to TS bombing instead of UA bombing. We know what the UAs are now. I wonder when they will change the flavor text in the CGs to match it.
I assume this is likely common knowledge, but the symbol on the Thargoid decal - the very centre of at least 2 I've seen are 100% identical to the Barnacle 'logo'. So they're absolutely Thargoid in nature.

Edit: I see there is an excellent recap with this information already posted :) I've not been able to help much yet so kudos to all involved.

Edit: I wonder if those marking patterns are in any way linked to the layout of the Thargoid structures - they look somewhat similar.
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Hello i'v posted an sound histogram from this post.

Has it be seen already ? :!!!?p=5953300&viewfull=1#post5953300
I've replied.

Basically: it was already known - it's just the image that's hidden inside the scans you get from the unknown site(s). It helped the community figure out how to 'use' the unknown artefact/probe and link to find all the other sites that are documented on the first page of this megathread
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