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From what I've heard, Hyperdictions and Barnacle Pit Stops only happen on a 7 to 8 hour cycle. Is there a way of working out when they will start happening again? If not, can someone make a spreadsheet or something of predicted encounter times.
CMDR PlungedSphere34.
Did try earlier to capture data but it got buried, and herding cats is hard :) (Thanks to CMDR Quinley for the single response [up])
The other question is ...... are pilots seeing alien encounters elsewhere while the livestream ship is still hovering, or is there only one alien ship in the game ?
@Bl1P : it is my Asp, completly frozen on the ground.

Came to see the alien, now my ship is frozen on the ground , cannot move, reloged, still frozen.

Weird, went to solo, was able to pull up. My ECM, chaff, point defence and heat sink were deactivated.

Edit: lol , now my SRV is frozen...
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On the new flowership (Thargoid) encounters... there's something to consider here, gentlemen: The flowerships and the UA's may have no relationship whatsoever. Since the flowerships are harvesting barnacles and are (allegedly) grabbing the meta alloys, they could be using them to shield their cargo areas to carry those UA's similar to how we do it. It could be they are from two entirely separate races.
It could also be that the flower ships and barnacles are completely unrelated, and they are just curiously sucking up meta alloys like we do. The more I try to come up with a theory on what's going on the less convinced I am that I have it figured out. :S
BL1P group - apology

Apologies. I am at alien/barnacle site with my white AspE in BL1P's group and just crashed into some CMDRs Orca. Here is what happened:

I figured out that scanning/freezing range of alien ship is slightly above 3000m. Sine there are rumours that ECM is partly alien technology, I have started ECM at 3500m and boosted toward the alien ship. The same moment the ECM is activated, my ship was frozen and I have felt directly towards some CMDRs Orca. I am prepared to reimburse the damage and take full responsibility.

Remedy for freezing is solo mode, full boost right away. During logout after freezing in group mode , there will be a message about alien scanning. So, as soon as You are logged in solo there will be no alien ship, but You can see unfinished scanning so run away fast to avoid another ship/srv freezing. No communication with CMDRs is possible during freeze state.

I have a funny idea why freezing is happening, if somebody else also expirienced that.

Edit: if it was CMDR TORvicRIFT777's Beluga I am prepared to self-destruct my Cutter in front of him.
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This is another shot from Bl1p's live stream. He was trying to more it upwards. This is one of four 'thrusters'. A bit UA head like?

UAs could be the seeders, Probes could be the probe to see if ready, then ships come in and gather their fuel.... however has anyone taught of this being a halfway point to where they are going? i mean if they wanted to fly to us no point in refueling in a location that is somewhat further distance to most of our systems. I mean what if the hunt for the guardians is what they are after.
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