Work In Progress Alien building and scenary Set (in progress)

Hi everyone.
so for a week or so now ive been working on an alien set, containing building walls, and scenary for an alien sci fi theme.

at the moment i have the following:
14 Building pieces
1 Alien Tripod Machine (reminds me of the film war-of-the-worlds)
1 Alien Worm (will be modular and capable of roller coasters to go through it!)

there will be alot more to come, but iam limited by the 8x8x8 limit, so im having to think wisely about how to create modular pieces, such as the alien tripod machine, that is split into a few different models as it breaches the 8x8x8 limit.

Im continiously pumping out new models while going through texturing which isnt easy, especially given the building walls need to have textures that flow simultaniously between each one. I will be adding ALOT more building pieces of many different combinations, and will go as far as modelling alien furniture, lights, benches, to othere misc stuff such as slime, and spider like webbing.

Heres a few screenies so far:


Hope you like theme so far. :)
thanks Stuk. :)
still working hard to add to this set and get to grips with texturign everything, and eventually animation.
I want cover all the bases with the set and really give players an endless supply of features to make a unique alien theme. much much more to come. x

Looks great!

I like the tripod!
Hehe. thanks.
Im still unsure about the textures. im thinking of redoing the head and the lazers. i want to carry on that barge colour scheme, so it acts as camoflage.

im just prioritising the walls atm. modelling different combinations, and texturing.
Progress so far.
9 wall pieces with all 6 LOD's have been complete.
textures need to be refined through altered changes in UVW's by the reduction of Polygons, causing empty parts of the texture map to be revealed on the lower LOD models.

Alot more wall and scenery pieces to be added, including Pipe lines, and Alien architecture.
Im aiming to model "Slime" and "Blood veins" too.

Alien tripod is still being altered and tweeked via the model and textures.
Alien Worm, still needs more attachable modules.

Hehe Thank you Ztitus.
Still hard at work adding more to the collection.

currently working on the Worm animation specifically the Worms Mouth, which will act as a door for a rollercoaster.
as you can see with the pictures below, the mouth will open, thrust forward and gobble up the rollercoaster before pulling back. the blubber behind the mouth also bounces like rolls of fat.


I just dont know pricisely how doors work from animation to planetcoaster, and whether planetcoaster pauses along the timeline somewhere if the door has a delay on how long the mouth can be open for, or whether i just have to guess through this animation, on how long the mouth opens for etc.

these are the building componants so far, but Lod's and textures still need to be refined!


Im also working on Blood and Slime Scenery, aswell as making landscape scenery aligned with the alien theme. Im hoping to make an alien to structure of some kind.

Worm update!

Head textured and animated.
Body modules textured (incomplete) needs animating per module.
Tail needs remodelling to create an Exit for rollercoaster.


I may also make a set for just inside, and ouside of the worm instead of both, just incase someone wants to make a worm go into a tunnel in the terrain, and the outside of the worm isnt necessary, and the same just incase no-one intends to make a rollecoaster go through it!
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