All Aboard for Grand Tour of >38 DSSA Carriers (Leg 1 departs Aug. 23 1600 UTC from Arikara)

As part of my ongoing quest to see all the DSSA Carriers, I figured I’d plan a route to visit all of the Carriers in the “Southeast” and the Core of the galaxy and invite anyone along to ride for some or all of the trip. I’m perfectly ready to take the trip alone, but I would be thrilled to have anyone ride along who wants to. I will be taking the Spear of Bitter Mercy which is docked in Arikara. I will typically be in Open on this trip, except for taking high-res screenshots. DSSA details.

By-The-Minute updates and open communication with me can be found at my Fleet Carrier discord channel: KwRey9c (be civil and friendly).

This trip is honestly made possible by the recent breakthrough in Fleet Carrier tritium engine technology, allowing a staggering 100% increase in fuel efficiency. Minimal (I repeat, MINIMAL) mining will be needed to support this trip. If you want to come along and mine, that is amazing and I greatly thank you, and for the entire duration of the trip the Spear will be buying Tritium at a price of 20,000 Cr/Ton. My recommendation for miners is to bring a rig suited for SSD mining. Even in a single Trit hotspot, rates of easily over 100T/hour are possible. These sorts of locations will be all over the galaxy.

You are also welcome to just ride along and check in at any time. I recommend that you remain docked at the Spear when you log off to avoid getting left behind if you’re in a low jump range ship.

So, here are the broad overviews of the legs.
Leg 1, 11 DSSA Carriers
Leg 2, 11-14 DSSA Carriers
Leg 3, 16-18 DSSA Carriers

Legs 2 and 3 will be broken down into more detail later.

Here is the detailed schedule for Leg 1 (“There and Back Again”). Dates and times listed are when the Spear will DEPART from a system. ARRIVAL at a target system will vary in time, but will generally be within 30 hours of departure (often much sooner, down to optimal time of ~20 min/jump in some cases):

Departure TIMES will be NO EARLIER THAN 1600 UTC on dates listed. Check the Discord for day-to-day details.

23 Aug. 3306: Arikara -> Hypoae Ain ZL-D D12-31 (Heart & Soul Nebula)

26 Aug. 3306: Hypoae Ain ZL-D D12-31 -> Syreadiae JX-F C0 (#38 KTL Frontier Sanctuary)

30 Aug. 3306: Syreadiae JX-F C0 -> Oob Aeb XI-X C28-0 (#77 DSSA Skarapa)

6 Sept. 3306: Oob Aeb XI-X C28-0 -> Hyueths HS-H D11-5 (#82 DSSA Leo’s Vision)

13 Sept. 3306: Hyueths HS-H D11-5 -> Dryau Aec JF-A D11 (#30 DSSA Reginleif)

16 Sept. 3306: Dryau Aec JF-A D11 -> Lyed YJ-I D9-0 (#126 TWITCHTVSOMDY)

20 Sept. 3306: Lyed YJ-I D9-0 -> Phrae Dryiae AM-J D10-0 (#86 Lost Sanity)

26 Sept. 3306: Phrae Dryiae AM-J D10-0 -> Eocs Aihm XX-U D2-6 (#48 DSSA Aristarchos)

30 Sept. 3306: Eocs Aihm XX-U D2-6 -> Hypau Aec IO-Z D13-0 (#66 Explorer’s Bar & Grill)

4 Oct. 3306: Hypau Aec IO-Z D13-0 -> Groem AF-G C24-0 (waypoint)

7 Oct. 3306: Groem AF-G C24-0 -> Skull & Crossbones Nebula

11 Oct. 3306: Skull & Crossbones Nebula -> Fedgie FN-Q D6-45 (#40 DSSA Argonautica)

14 Oct. 3306: Fedgie FN-Q D6-45 -> Synuefuae CM-J D10-42 (#84 DSSA Artemis Rest)

17 Oct. 3306: Synuefuae CM-J D10-42 -> Ex Cancri (#47 DSSA Hecate’s Grace)

18 Oct. 3306: Ex Cancri -> Arikara (Refueling in the Bubble)

25 Oct. 3306: Departure for Leg 2.

FAQ: Do I need a highly engineered/super long jump range ship? No! The Spear will directly visit every DSSA Carrier on the itinerary. If you want to explore on your own, you may be “stuck” at isolated places like Explorers Bar & Grill until the Spear jumps again, but that will be for short periods of time only.

Are we worried about gankers with a schedule pre-displayed like this? Nope! Not when you can sell your exploration data at the DSSA Carriers frequently and respawn at the Spear. Plus, the Carrier is persistent across all game modes (and platforms, for that matter).

Is this an official “expedition?” Not yet, but if I get 10+ people interested I will certainly look in to getting it on EDSM as an expedition, probably one for each leg, or at least one for Leg 1 and another for Legs 2+3.
If you make it to the DSSA Buurian Anchorage, let me know and I'll try to log my alt in to crack open a bottle of the good stuff!

Good luck on the journey!
Looks like an ambitious trip! Save travels & perhaps I'll see you if there's a future "Leg 4" (about to launch with DSSA 133 to the Orion-Cygnus Region / west of Colonia)

Since Leg 1 will start and end at the Bubble, if you can't make it by Aug. 23 for Leg 1, please consider coming along for Leg 2 + 3 starting from Arikara on 25 Oct.! I plan to spend Christmas at DSSA #1 (Qohen Leth's Sleeper Service) and New Year's at Sag A*!
Hmmm, currently at the Explorer's Bar and Grill - if I haven't escaped by the time you come by (70 jumponium jumps on the way here!) I may catch a lift out :)
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