All I want for christmas is a scenario editor. Planet Coaster's scenarios are not fun.

Planet Coaster is great, but it's lacking in the "actual gameplay" department, and a scenario editor would be a big plus.

It's about on the same level as RCT2, except there's less scenarios, the scenarios are all far worse, there's less challenging goals (which is impresive considering RCT1's goals were all guest counts and park rating counts) and the scenarios have less "oomph", and of course the game failed to launch with a scenario editor so we can't even make scenarios worth playing. Almost every single scenario is a square map (I'm fairly certain that Silversmith Manor is the ONLY scenario that isn't a full square), almost all of them are nearly flat terrains, and they all feature goals that you can eventually meet because you have an infinite amount of time (and eventually money) to meet them.

Forest Frontiers started out 16,100m² in size. By the time you were done with it, it could be 30,470m². Dynamite Dunes started at 24,080m² and could be 45,520m², AND the cost of more land was different than in Forest Frontiers! Leafy Lake had a giant lake that was expensive as ❤❤❤❤︎ to flatten out if you wanted more space, a very awkward lumpy circle shaped edge, and a big jutting rectangle area with lots of hills that were, again, expensive to remove.

Every map in PC stays one size, and it's always got only four sides, and it costs a month's real world paycheck to terraform an entire mountain out of nothing or fill in a lake, assuming you can find a scenario that lets you modify the land (good luck).

I will go back and replay the very first RCT1 scenario in RCT1, RCT2, and RCT3, any day of the week, because it's fun to build in a restricted, awkwardly shaped landscape with reasonable goals that take a little effort to fulfill and a time limit that can often run close if you spend your money too freely.

The first 3 scenarios in RCT1 are iconic and fun to play despite simple goals like X amount of guests and Y park rating by Z year. You had to earn those 500 guests. You had to earn that 600 park rating. Even a seasoned player can open up one of the first 3 RCT1 scenarios and just barely peak over the guest requirement before their time is up. These loose and freeform goals are fun because you can do what you want, but you're limited by other aspects of the scenario, and you only have a certain amount of time with nothing being handed to you.

But the first scenario in Planet Coaster can be beaten in 18 in-game days and you're drowning in more cash and visitors after that first month is up than you'd get in the entire TWO YEARS you have to complete Forest Frontiers. The first scenario in planet coaster is a big square with a huge swath of empty, flat land to build on. The first scenario in planet coaster has actual goals beyond a guest and rating count, yet they're so trivially easy they aren't fun to accomplish and there's no satisfaction in doing so. There are so few restrictions and so many guests pouring in and throwing money at you for a single coaster, thrill ride, and toilet that you barely have to do any work.

And in every scenario, if you spend 8 in-game years building a castle, you end up rich with zero consequences, because there's no time limit!

We need a scenario editor. At its core, these issues with PC's scenarios are mostly ones of balance. You get money too fast, you get hundreds of guests flocking for one single ride in a park, etc. But if balance on that level isn't going to be changed, maybe we can make some headway by making our own goals, and our own maps, with our own borders, and our own prices.
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the fun of RCT1 was in its simplicity, and Chris Sawyer knew he had to make it entertaining to have value
PC is a highly advanced model kit but lacks the simple fun of throwing a park together in a short amount of time
even RCT3 had weak scenarios, and its a shame that sandbox overshadows career mode
I think a scenario editor will come in time, maybe with the release of UGC?
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YES PLEASE! A SCENARIO EDITOR IS WHAT I HOPE IS IN SAM DENNEY's Santa bag of good [heart][heart][heart][heart] stuff
I finished the first level in the Planet Coaster Career mode without even building food stalls. I won them that quickly I didn't need any, or a bathroom. Think I finished a few more before refunding the game and went back to RCT 1 and 2. It's the biggest reason I have no interest in playing the game. Though it's far from the only one.

I'll admit making money in RCT is incredibly easy too, once ai realised how high you can increase prices and guests will still pay it, but at least the goals were often harder due to time constraints. The occasional infinite time level was alright because it was something new. But not when every level is like that.
Another thing- I can blow the starting funds in Forest Frontiers and Crazy Castle, and often do, by overdoing it on scenery.

(This is THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS worth of ride and scenery! And it's nothing!)

In PC you would basically have to spam left click as hard as possible to have a CHANCE of losing money from scenery faster than you get money from rides.
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A fully functioning scenario editor with workshop support is essential to the long term appeal of this game. Without it (some) people are already losing interest very quickly.
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