Alleged leakage of JWE content for summer and winter in 4Chan

If the DLCs are true, then this will be amazing to have in game such as the safari ride, 1993 dlc, and some original OG dinosaurs, and at least some decorations are better than none. JPOG had a fountain and something, so a few sounds like a lot in this case. However, I will still go by the notion of carrying with me a bag of salt. Leak or not, great expectations like this would cause us to not usually enjoy the final product.

The one thing I can not accept is the sequel of the game coming 2021. Yet it you look at zoo tycoon, and zoo tycoon 2, then there is a 3 year gap. And the sims and sims 2 has a 4 year gap, so it isn't something new. I just don't want a similar fiasco where the game gets released feeling a rushed in areas, albeit they now have the JWE engine to experiment with for 3 years. Likewise: A lot of dinosaur requests and dlc content could feel like its thrown out the window if it is not contained in the sequel game by default, let it be like super smash bros wii U to smash bros ultimate, make a sequel with the same cast of dinosaurs and content but polish it up and add on to it!

Some benefits I would see is that the next generation of consoles would be out by then. And with higher specs we could potentially have bigger parks and more dinosaurs running around, which makes sense as technology gets better so does their products. And they could sell the old game as a definite version with all dlc for next gen which utilizes the hardware.

Plus, we don't really need to buy it on release day. JWE is a game I love but it is for sure a different game a year after launch (especially when june comes), and if this supposed JWE2 will get the same support this game did, I think we could wait a while or buy the sequel on sale.
Although the "Claire Dearing" update doesnt sound that bad, if they dont have terrain tools and tons of decor this game is dead.

I dont believe the second part about there being a JWE2 considering how much of a slap to the face it would be to people like us who have been buying dlc and waiting patiently for updates. If they are going to make anything it will be the JW survival game.
i also agree with you on this one good sir.
Come to think of it, ever wondered why we have this alleged leak? I mean, why now? Why not before?Considering how tight lipped Frontier is when it comes to updates/DLC. Dont you think the leak in itself is a troll? Like its leaked on purpose. The Carnivore DLC is obvious since it will be released the day after the supposed leak, to give the leak a sort of credibility, the Claire & Classic DLC is pretty much requested in the forums, so its no surprise.

The one thing in the leak thats obviously a troll for me is the JWE sequel. Its the oddball. If the purpose of including it in the leak is to give us an idea that JWE will never be able to have have flying/marine DLC, thats why they're planning on JWE2, then I think its the other way around. A flying/marine DLC for JWE, not JWE2.
I can't actually manage to rule out the JWE2 thing because 4chan accurately made bizarre predictions on my fav games that actually came true; the last I remember belonging to Pokemon... so I think I'll to the cautious mode just in case.

Anyway, couldn't it still be half-true? Couldn't it be a sort of expansion for JWE? Lots of games can do such a thing, selling a sequel that actually expands the already existing. I would agree that abandoning JWE doesn't make much sense, however hard some featers might be to implement, but who knows.
And if that leak was made by Frontier, but it's not real and it's just a market test, to see how the public reacts?
or ... if Frontier is playing a management game, and we are the guests?
chance? I do not think so.

If they will release JWE2, i will stop buying DLC for this game
I they eventually release JWE2, I doubt JWE will continue to have any support, much less updates or DLCs... that's why I'm not buying anything else now for it until I have a clear idea of it's future.
That fake leak sounds pretty good, actually. As a JP fan I would really like to have a JP Pack.

Am I the only one who would like to have a big update on the Dinosaur AI?
What do I get if I have 60+ different dinosaurs in the park, but they all behave the same? What annoys me the most at the moment are the rank fights. My T-Rex couple does nothing other than run to each other, stop for a fight, run away from each other and all over again. Then eat and drink, take a little nap and then everything from the beginning again.

I understand, the animations are there, then they also want to be shown. But it would be absolutely enough if the alpha animal had to defend its rank every 20 minutes. These permanent fights are even more unrealistic than the insomnia of the dinosaurs when the game was released. Or more interactions in general. Occasionally a sneeze, scratching because it itches. Or that a small dinosaur can annoy one of the big ones. Simply the little things that make animals unique.
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The leak appears to be legitimate with very plausible additions for JWE. The carnivore pack, in particular, was 100% correct; the 4Chan Thread was written on 14/04/2019 and on the next day, the trailer for the carnivore pack was released.
The leak appears to be legitimate with very plausible additions for JWE. The carnivore pack, in particular, was 100% correct; the 4Chan Thread was written on 14/04/2019 and on the next day, the trailer for the carnivore pack was released.
Exactly! We have no guarantee but the leak can be real!
It is clear that the leak may be real or not but it does not say anything that can not be. It does not look like a troll publication, it's credible.

In July we will find out, there is not much left to know. The possibility of Claire's DLC with Albertosaurus and Ouranosaurus is something that excites me a lot.

An update in the summer with new terrain tools and buildings, expansion of the campaign with Claire's DLC and three new highly requested and loved dinos is something that any of us would like.
The saying goes that who is silent gives as we say in Spain. If Frontier do not deny it, the chances of it being a real leak are much greater.
I think it's probably a mixture of truth and lies, so if they did deny it then they'd have to specifically say which is which, which is probably giving too much away in their eyes or committing to doing something when it potentially might have otherwise fallen to the wayside in future.
Hearing Albertosaurus Ouranosaurus along with another dinosaur, sounds pretty awesome in the Claire Dearing DLC. not to mention Terrain tools are coming up in an update at the same time so I'm not surprised that this leaked so soon. Also sanctuary Island sounds similar to site b mode however we don't know for sure what's going to happen so we'll have to wait and see until the trailer comes out for the DLC.
I would not trust the non Official leaks Anyway Because somebody could say anything. Even now where some people not have regnonised That The April update should be small and a bigger one comes in the summer. When something Comes it comes but not from someone who pickes some romours from somewhere. That is not good to let everyone manipulate with that. And at the end everyone screaming and raging like everytime.
I hope that this is real and not a troll because if it is a troll I'm just going to be so ticked, and if so happy day I'm so happy to be alive. 😀

I'm just crossing my fingers hoping that this is a real leak and not somebody pretending that this is official.because I'm skeptical when it comes to certain stuff on the internet because the Internet doesn't always tell the truth.

Jurassic world Evolution two well Frontier hasn't mentioned anything about it nor did they say that there would be any information of approval by Universal to Frontier to make a sequel so I'm going to withhold my trust with this information considering that leakers often will not a hundred percent right say that it's 100% authentic. how ever Frontier hasn't made any announcement telling the players if this is a fake leak or real so there is some possibility there is truth in all this. However if any of you have any more information that could prove me wrong if this was all fakes then please leave a link for me to follow so I can find out because I haven't really kept up with the latest information in the past five hours.
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Neither here nor on Reddit.

The saying goes that who is silent gives as we say in Spain. If Frontier do not deny it, the chances of it being a real leak are much greater.
Also if Frontier remove the 4Chan post, then they will inadvertently confirm that the leak is real. Leaving it up is a clever move as many of us are still debating whether it’s real or not.

The only way we'll find out if it is real is to wait until July, or until the (supposed) Claire Dearing DLC trailer is released online.
one thing is clear if Frontier were as good at making games as he is at making hype. JWE would be a masterpiece :D
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