Alliance heading towards a civil war? (story arc is really slow)
President Gibson Kincaid has been named commander-in-chief of the Alliance Defence Force fleet in the Zaonce system.

“Admiral Frederick Yamamoto has announced that the Zaonce fleet now takes orders directly from the president, in direct breach of the existing ADF command structure.”

“The Council of Admirals has demanded that Yamamoto rescinds this decree. Admiral Rachel Ziegler condemned the decision as ‘political grandstanding that borders on treason’.”
Now that sounds like things could get interesting in the future for the Alliance. It's been a while since it looked like Kincaid might grab the power in a more direct way - and nothing happened - but this time it looks like the "real deal".
A president taking control over a fleet in a direct breach of command structure - that's usually the first step for a coup d'État.

OK, this is GalNet so probably nothing will really happen, but it surely sounds interesting and could lead to some rather unfortunate events for the Alliance.
Nobody wants a civil war in the Alliance after all (I hope that everybody is so nice not to wish that even if they are opposed to the Alliance).

I hope that the Alliance can resolve this crisis in a peaceful way. Peace and stability are the base on which prosperity and progress flourishes.
I suppose given the amount of Mahon systems there are and with both the Feds and Imperials having at least 2 powers, maybe the time has come for a second Alliance power.

Now that Kincaid seems to have access to a fleet (other military leaders may well follow) this could get messy.
Yup. We have a Federation and Empire (Republic and Monarchy), all that is needed is a dictatorship to even the cake. XD
Coming soon:
A CG to remove the Ross 128 permit.

Oh wait.

Zaonce - Old Worlds, how about a CG to flip Lave back to Alliance.

Oh Wait.

A second Alliance power with a more ambitious military program?

Hey let’s have an event for that - something like a Dangerous Game.

Oh wait.

You know, the GalNet writers could do worse than actually engage with what is going on.
You know, the GalNet writers could do worse than actually engage with what is going on.
Well, they are a bit. The only reason Frederick Yamamoto is on the Council of Admirals for Zaonce in the first place is that the traditional appointment from the Lave fleet was rejected. And that probably was a response to the failure of said fleet to actually defend Lave.
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