Alliance Large Ship

Why does FDEV seem to consider the Type-10 Defender as the big ship of the Alliance?
They just gave it to us with no strong reason...

The Federal Corvette is specialized in fight and he's certainly the most powerful ship.
The Imperial Cutter is the best Cargo/Multirole/Mining ship and really good versus Human IA and Thargoids.
The anaconda is the best explorer ship and strong versus human IA and Thargoids.
The Beluga... For passenger, okay? :D

So, they sell the T-10 Defender as an AX specialized ship, and... Conda/Cutter/Corvette do better...
In addition, the Cutter and the Corvette are both original vessels. Here FDEV had the opportunity to make us an emblematic vessel for the alliance. And what do we have? A big Keelback... An armored version of an already existing ship. Why did they give this to us?
When you see what they did with the Cutter and the Corvette, why make such a choice for the Alliance?

So, I just want to know WHY they choose this vessel as the Large Alliance Ship.
Alliance ship release was very disappointing.

We got only one original concept, the chieftain which is good, and one viable and one very bad copy paste of him.

But above that we got a copy pasted t9 as our large. I think they try to fill the "armored trader" hole in the ship roster, but as you say the Anaconda and the Cutter do better in this role. He can kill thargoids scouts too, but it's very expensive to just kill scouts as he's bad at killing interceptor with his very bad hardpoint placement and maneuverability.

Above that, when you think about a faction large ship, you think about something with style, that you are proud to pilot, with at least a size 4 hard point. Not a "space cow with a spoiler". So I wonder too why they did this choice.
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And it's not just the ships. Story line revolves usually much more around Empire and Federation, than Alliance. Alliance PP is the lamest, with only one Power and a power-specific weapon that is useless against NPCs and hardly worth getting for PvP. Alliance deserves more love. FREEDOM AND LIBERTY DESERVE MORE LOVE! \o
Keep pushing for the Boa Cruiser, plus other big ships still in the origins of the Elite world.

Carriers and panther clipper coming 2019.
I would hesitate to call the T10 "the Alliance large ship". Yes, it is built by Lakon, and yes it was designed with the help of the Alliance, but the Alliance (to my knowledge) only commissioned the design as an stopgap weapons platform.

Even if it is an Alliance ship, it does something that no other superpower-commissioned ship does: unlike every other superpower affiliated ship, it does not carry the superpower name (probably because the Alliance would be embarrassed to have it affiliated to them :p). It is not called the "Alliance Type-10 Defender", it's just the "Type-10 Defender".

Maybe I have this all wrong, but I really don't care because I am holding out for a true Alliance large ship. Hopefully it has the same design aesthetic as the Chieftain....
Given the Alliance's current ship preference, it appears they are all offence with 0% flexibility (as the literally copy and pasted the same COMBAT ship for guess what... COMBAT!!! even the feds had the decency to add a dropship! :D )

so unless the Alliance changes it's way's, the next ship it will release will be hopefully more akin to a Corvette, perhaps even stark competition for it at least...

As for the type-10, I don't really see that as an alliance navy ship, more a sad sorry excuse for retaliation for Thargoids. a legitimate alliance ship would be welcomed!
I am reassured to see that I am not the only one to have this point of view.

But I don't talk about this subject without support. I couldn't find the source for now, but in one of the last live, the developers have confirmed that the T-10 DEFENDER is consider as the large alliance ship for them. But I think we're all curious about why today...
There's no consistent solution for me... :S
It's a great opportunity for FDev Team to really make Carrier Builds a thing: "Alliance Warlord" Carrier, some kind of fighter-specialized superheavy ship (more active seats for AI crew, multiple fighter hangars/bays, less or smaller hardpoints, not very agile but capable of holding ground for quite some time), alongside with a rework in fighter mechanincs for improvement and balance purposes.
It even internalize the Alliance's Endeavor: a ship that can do the job alone but that really shines/excels in a fleet/wing. Would be an unique, interesting and powerful addition to both, Alliance's Navy and Elite's universe in general, as it would introduce some new gameplay possibilities and reinforce others that may not be that viable nowadays.
The ship could be introduced along with a new power for the alliance, maybe a more "hands on"/less political leader that believes alliance's navy needs to be stronger in case of that partnership against thargoids doesn't last as long as they expected.

I'd love if the Devs read this and, at very least, consider the possibility.
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