[ALLIANCE] Alliance Pilots Enforcer Corps is now recruiting enforcers

Who are we?

Alliance Pilots Enforcer Corps (APEC) has been born on June 11th of year 3305 after the rising threat of pirates and anarchistic powers, which often made visitors and even native pilots feel unsafe in many systems under Alliance power.
For this new corporation, a leading team consisting of 2 ex-marines has been settled, pursuing onward of filling its duty and purpose as an independent law enforcing group. Our primary gameplay focus is PvE and in the future, we will hopefully also focus on BGS.

Whom are we looking for?
Brave pilots willing to fight for the law and safety of the Alliance systems. Bounty, Slavers and Pirate hunters who are not scared to take the fight for the right cause. It does not matter if you are novice, master or elite if you have guts to go on duty and fight for safer tomorrow.

What do we do?
  • Law Enforcement in currently patrolled Alliance Systems
  • System Patrols and scans
  • Pirate genocide prosecutions
  • Terrorist hunts and Bounty (outstanding fines) hunts
  • Aiding stations and pilots in need, medical suppliance

Interested? Where you can apply:
Using the form on our website: apec.link
On INARA: https://inara.cz/squadron/5828/
In-game search by squadron ID: APEC
We also have a Discord

Thank you for your attention and fly safe commanders! o7
Lex exequetur
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