[ALLIANCE] Alliance Rapid-Reaction Corps are recruiting.

Hello Commanders.
It is with sadness that I have to announce that The Code have begun threatening and murdering commanders is Arque.
This along with an ongoing program of Piracy and harrasment has meant that we at the ARRC are now in direct conflict with them.

To the CODE
The ARRC regard Arque as a system under Alliance control and one in which we have a vested interest.
Accordingly we, and our allies, will attack on sight any wanted CODE ships we find in Arque.

Bring it. We beat you once, and like a fine wine, we have only gotten better. We will beat you again. I will be wating for you or maybe I will hunt you.
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Are you on this?

Traffic: A dozen Cutters, 9 'vettes, 8 pythons, 10 Kraits, 8 'condas, 5 FDLs

State - Defeat.

Never mind movin' on.
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Or this?

Well, I guess you got that one (traffic is pretty much nothing so no surprises, but what even are the Bhutas Hunters doing as an Empire Player Group up north here?


Also I'd forgotten what a horrible neckbeard Mickey Bonner is.

I wish INARA would update right on the click.
Oh well, back to HQ to do some BH for WT406.
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Hi there DNA-Decay.
Yes we're aware of the Bhutas hunters and have a mutual agreement with them as we're such close neighbours.
They've been in their systems for a while now and, like us, have recently re-activated their PMF.

As for Bruthanvan. The Tionisla Historical Society are being expanded from there to Tionisla. This is a planned move. We are minded to let them remain in control of Bruthanvan for the time being since they are more friendly for Ediie Mahon's Fort Trigger.
We can retake the system any time we choose as the THS are only in there to facilitate their move to Tionisla and relinquishing the system back to us is a part of that agreement.

In return for them remaining in Bruthanvan we expect to have assistance to take control of Arque.

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If I am of a differing power play allegience, how will that affect my status as a member of the wing? I've read that you do powerplay for the Alliance, but does this also mean that you don't want a CMDR who choose to do power play for another faction (outside of just unlocking modules)? I have not yet started with "proper" powerplay, but I'm intrigued by the concept.
Being a Cooperative to us means being open to other's walks of life, with no regard to political, religious, sexual, or Superpower confessions.
As long as you don't enjoy yourself killing the innocent, or try to flip our little realm to your chosen Guru, you will be welcome in our ranks.

In situations where there are opposing interests however, you will be expected to at least not work against the Alliance.
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