[Alliance] Relentless (Villains of the Universe)

To all the villains in the Elite: Dangerous Universe!

Come and join the Relentless forums and voice chat to find outlaws like you!

Play together and make friends, form a crew and participate in challenges! It's a place of cheap grog and bar music, shouting and laughter, fist fights and some quiet corners, where the secrets and the evil plans are whispered. Share your stories, learn new tricks and have fun!

No rules and no obligations.

This is your place. Make yourself at home! :)

Enter the Relentless Hideout here >>


This looks very interesting! Do you have a TeamSpeak server? :)

Hello Commander!

We've got a Mumble server set up and running (it's a similar software to TS but with less lag), plus one of our members offered his TeamSpeak server for this purpose. Later I might buy a TS server too if people prefer that one. :)
I am not a villain, I provided content for the players and protect NPCs from exploitative CMDRs who want all their fish!

What timezone are you in?
----- GIA Communication Intercept -----
----- Monitoring Channels -----
----- WARNING GIA Comm-Tap Detected -----
----- Scrambling SigR9c -----
----- Au6KlKO403j83gHjzPC4Sw5wt1Z -----
----- XcEOoCT3sFCWzOybdCAfp72CLICJ1YDtn ------
----- aizU2XsqMKpCxStM4xeQwuQTG4Q9Mo -----
----- gHjzPC4 -----
As always, I can only speak for myself: I'm in GMT +1. I'm usually online from 20:00 or 21:00, and my resident place is Freeport, LP 98-132. I play a bit more whenever I can on the weekends. But these days during the event, you can find me at Chango! Justice for Eranin!!! :D
Yep awful tonight trying to get into the same instance to cause anti federation disruption. Got there in the end though and added another 24k onto the bounty.
We need a better netcode and servers :) Unplayable at Chango, moving to disrupt trade lanes and fed fighters and Nav Beacon.

Agreed! Ciger, join us tomorrow if you can on Mumble and we arrange it somehow to meet, just like we did tonight with the others. We've spent more time at the Nav Beacon too, the netcode was much more stable than at Chango.
That was a really cool game session, with a lot of players at the High and Low Intensity Conflict Zones! It was nice to meet two famous pirates in the sector, too. The blocade was successful at Chango tonight, and we did pile up a large bounty on our heads at the Nav Beacon, even though the GIA covert agents and a mad Tribal chief has tried to interrupt us all the times.

Good game guys, thank you all! :)
Curse you, Relentless scum!

You've won this battle, but we're still here! Maybe next time we'll have all the illegally supplied cannon ammo!

Oh, and Commander Smith really doesn't like you any more, that wasn't nice!

(Oh, and I've left the secret, 'it didn't come from us' package back at Freeport. Don't let anyone see the return address. What do you mean the comms system is still on? Oh for the love of.................................

==== Communication Terminated ====
Great fun indeed! I think the combined Relentless bounty must have reached over 200,000Cr.

GIA and Tribal - well played and good to fly with/against you! We can get you some illegal cannon ammo cheaply; I'm sure we can reach a (shady) agreement... ;)
Announcing the Winner of the Big Bounty Battle

May I announce the winner of the Big Bounty Battle event:


It's Commander Ciger, with an outstanding 212.900 credit bounty! We applaud you, Commander. :D

Commander Elvis Presley (Jezzah) has taken the second place with 78.000 credit bounty on his head, and Commander Musashi is the third with 66.340 credits on his head. Very nice work, guys!

That is a serious pile of money fellas, now the question is, who's gonna start collecting your heads... :p
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