[Alliance] Relentless (Villains of the Universe)

The Eye of the Cobra

Please note that this event is known as "The Eye of the Cobra" to the Winged Cobra Tribe.

After all, we do not expect any ambush! :eek:
Thanks! :)

We will play this over and over during the weekend, the question is: when all of us can be there for sure? We're running a poll on this right now, I'll update the first post when we have a result.
Finally got my Viper in reasonable shape for this. Been doing a lot of killing and stealing to get the credits . . . my bounties are coming on nicely :)
That's cool! You'll be a great reenforcement on our side. :) By the way, my sidewinder seems to be invincible :cool: (only NPCs can shoot me down).
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