Allow the Deluxe Edition Bundle on Steam to be purchased by users that already have the base game

So here's the issue:

As someone who has had the base game since before the first DLC was released, why is there no option to upgrade to the Deluxe Edition with a DLC bundle pack?

I can only purchase the Deluxe Edition on Steam as a gift, but I can't get the bundle for myself, minus the cost of the base game. Instead, I have to pay for the individual DLC at full price, when there's clearly a discounted bundle option.

Other games on Steam with DLC bundles and the base game do this, like Cities: Skylines

This inability to purchase the DLC in a bundle this way doesn't seem very faithful to the fans who were with this game early on.


I posted a support ticket on this issue [#00000260216] and it was suggested that I post here as well. Basically, this issue is this:

On the Planet Coaster Steam store page, you have a bundle that includes the base game as well as multiple DLC. However, if you already own the game, you cannot purchase the bundle for yourself. You can only purchase it as a gift. If you were to just purchase the DLC individually, it's much more expensive than the bundle.

Other games on Steam (Cities: Skylines being a prime example) have bundles that include the base game and DLC. Users can purchase these bundles for themselves, even if they already have the base game, and the Steam store then deducts the cost of any products already owned from the bundle when checking out.

The ticket has a bit of a better explanation, I think, but basically the way the Steam store page is set-up right now, players who have had Planet Coaster since before the DLC released are punished by having to pay more to get the DLC than those who never had the game and decide to get the Deluxe Edition bundle.

It would actually be cheaper for veteran players (though still more expensive than if they could purchase the bundle for themselves) to uninstall and remove Planet Coaster from their library, then purchase the Deluxe Edition and reinstall the game. As you can imagine, that's a lot of hassle for users for an issue that could easily be fixed by changing to Store Page so that bundles function like they do for other games.
Agree, the deluxe pack with the game is on sale for 44,81. If I buy the 6 dlc packs that are part of the deluxe edition they cost 52.74 euro. It feels odd that the complete pack is cheaper and that i'm not able to buy it because I already own the game.


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Thanks for posting this suggestion. It would be very helpful in this suggestion can be realised in the Steam Store.
Agreed. I would absolutely purchase a Deluxe Edition Bundle on Steam if it was made available. But the hassle for replacing my base game for the Deluxe Edition sounds too risky!
Hello there, just registered to chime in here.
I purchased Planet Coaster when it originally launched and really enjoyed the game, but looking at the Steam store page right now feels a bit like being mocked.
The Deluxe Bundle is at 46€ right now, the main game at 11€, but the single DLCs together are at almost 100€? To make it a bit more of a mockery, I could buy the Frontier 25th Anniversary Collection for 115€, which works correctly by just removing the game I already own from the list.
Can you please fix the Deluxe Bundle so that it doesn't exclude your original customers? Seems like a fairly obvious thing to do.
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